102-year-old man, who died in government records, dresses as a groom to meet officials in person

A rare incident was reported recently in Rohtak, Haryana, when a 102-year-old man carried out a rather unique procession in a wedding float with high tempo music to prove to the state government that he is alive as he was announced dead in the records and his old-age pension was cut, news agency PTI reported. Duli Chand, who lives in Gandhra village in Rohtak district, was seen wearing garlands of notes, like those worn by a groom at weddings, and took the motorcade from Mansarovar Park to the Canal rest house in the city ​​of Rohtak.

The wedding procession was led by Duli and his supporters in order to clarify to authorities that he is alive and to collect his pension. The man’s pension was stopped in March this year.

Duli Chand and his supporters marched out of the motorcade carrying signs on their way to the government office with one reading ‘thara fufa zinda hai’ (Your uncle is still alive)’.

At the end of his glorious ride, Duli Chand and Jaihind met with former minister and BJP leader Manish Grover and demanded his pension be reinstated, showing the politician his papers and proof that he is alive.

Meanwhile, former Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Haryana Unit Leader Naveen Jaihind also backed Duli and said he was listed as ‘dead’ in government records and his old age pension had been interrupted.

Jaihind even accompanied Juli in the procession and said the centenarian was alive and had his Aadhaar card, family ID and bank statements to prove it.

A similar incident took place in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh earlier this week when a 70-year-old man was declared dead in government records and his pension cut short. Fatehpur village resident Om Prakash couldn’t even withdraw money from his bank account and was pronounced dead a year ago.

“As I died in the government records, I couldn’t even withdraw money from the bank. My sugar cane crop is affected because I couldn’t irrigate it due to lack of money. Now no one don’t help me,” PTI, citing Prakash, told a senior. civil servants

A government official was even suspended after a report by the tehsildar concluded that he was “flagrantly lax”.