11 Plus Size Women Wearing Crop Tops That Prove You Don’t Need A Six Pack To Look Sexy

There are few clothing choices that can cause as much uproar as tall women in crop tops. A polarizing piece, the crop top has evolved from its original Britney Spears-era style where it would be worn with super low low rise jeans for a much more modern look when paired with high waisted skirts and pants. But, of course, there are always those sartorial sluts who protest and proclaim that only those with rock-hard abs can “pull off” the bare midriff look.

The first time I put on a crop top, I felt more free. You wouldn’t think a single piece of clothing could have magical powers, but each time I challenged a fashion more”no no“I felt completely liberated. There are few things more satisfying than breaking antiquated style rules dictated by outdated fashion figureheads! And if you think a flash of flesh isn’t enough to challenge bodily bullies, you’re wrong, Negative Nancys seem to think figured women should be covered head to toe in bags until we’ve shrunk to an “acceptable” size.

Whether you’re a crop top veteran (don’t lie, you’re wearing a crop right now, right?) or you’re ready to try one on for the first time, it never hurts to d have an outfit inspiration. I’ve put together a garden of skin-sharing stunners that are total proof that softbodies look just as hot in a crop!

1. Double Trouble

She’s twice as pretty in a cropped striped fit and an elegant leather pencil skirt. (The purple streaks don’t hurt either!)

2. Sassy Shirt

Riots, not regimes!

3. Get Shorty

Who loves cropped shorts (and cropped tops)? Margieplus does it!

4. Cute Tutu

A little poof, a little punk, a little abdominal action = perfection.

5. Gone With The Wind Fabulous

Now turn.

6. Cute cotton candy

Sweet enough to cause a toothache.

7. Retro Revival

Avoid skinnies for on-trend flares for a nostalgic touch.

8. Own IT

Show off in a plunging cut that shows a little more skin.

9. Class Act

Layer it over a sheer shirt for a textural play.

10. Statement Maker

Show your support while you show some skin.

11. DIY

When in doubt, turn any top into a crop with a knot and twist.

Images: Courtesy of Eloquii (1), willow curves, Lucialoveslucia, Margiemore, margotmeanie, thelizblack, Studiomucci, kellyaugustineb, Desireejenkins_, Curved, Reztothecity, ivoryjinelle/Instagram