22 ways to look chic in a cropped outfit

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The term comes from the English verb “to crop”, which means “to cut” or “to resize”. From t-shirts to blouses, they can all go through the same process of shortening to stop above the waist, revealing a little or even a lot of skin. For the past few seasons, this flirty style has come straight from the 90s to invade the streets and our favorite boutiques. The trend has been so strong lately that we’ve probably wondered if the crop top is really worth investing in.


The risk of appearing ridiculous must absolutely be controlled. There are many different types and styles of crop tops and the key to success is finding the right one for your body.

Driven by the excitement around the crop trend, brands like Zara and H&M are offering chic versions that are easily removed. Here are some tips to follow:

  1. The goal is to reveal a little skin, just enough to give a taste of summer. Ditch the ultra-short version that looks more like a teen bra, unless…
  2. If you go for the shorter version, avoid exposed cuts at the navel and play with proportions by teaming it with high-waisted pants or skirts. Plus, include a flowing suit jacket, which can add contrasting style and inject elegance.
  3. If you have a bulky chest, banish tight-fitting crops with stretchy material. Instead, invest in material that won’t cling to the body and choose one without a collar or sleeves.


If you still don’t dare to try the crop top, try an equally trendy alternative: layer your cropped top over a white shirt or a longer top. Tell us how it works for you!

Liisa Sarfati

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