3 ways to wear high waisted jeans like model Kendall Jenner

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When it comes to denim, a high waisted design is the most flattering and refined.

And, as a general rule, you should wear them with proportionate pieces – after all, what’s the point of wearing them if you don’t show off your high waist? All your tops should be cropped or tucked in (t-shirts, sweaters, long sleeves, etc.), multiple layers are always welcome, the more upscale the accessory, the more sophisticated your outfit will be, and really any shoe will do. the case. You’ll be ready to rock yours all day long if you remember all of these unwritten rules.

Kendall Jenner is busy transferring the clothes she wears on designer catwalks to real life when she’s not walking the runway or shooting a campaign. She is the ideal from the runway to reality: the girl has her style, from black leather to strategic silhouettes. With spring in full swing, it seems like everyone, including celebrities, is out for a walk. The good weather has finally arrived, but with temperatures still too cool for shorts, high-waisted jeans are all the rage.

Ever since the Gen-Z generation declared skinny jeans to be old-fashioned, looser, baggier jeans seem to be the way to go. Thankfully, fashion icons like Kendall Jenner have spoken out and shown that high waisted jeans are still in style, despite the skinny jeans trend. Belly-bust denim is a wardrobe staple this season when paired with a springtime crop top, as Kendall Jenner demonstrated in the photo below. Take a look at Kendall Jenner’s styling tips for letting your high waisted jeans take you from morning to noon to night.

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