30 Tops, Dresses and Jackets from Amazon, All Under $50

It all started two business days after my coffee filters were supposed to arrive. I was on Amazon, checking the status of my filters, when I accidentally scrolled too far and landed on my recommended buys. I was amazed. Somehow Amazon had discovered that I had lost my beloved leather jacket at a disco bar on the Lower East Side the other night and decided to help me out. There it was, at the bottom of my screen, a cropped leatherette jacket. With rave reviews, a flattering fit, and best of all, a price that wouldn’t take all my paycheck, it was love at first click. Add to Cart.

And so the deep dive into Amazon fashion began. I found sweater dresses suitable for the 40-degree weather that has descended, cozy knits for WFH Fridays, and basic tops to wear under my new jacket. While I’m normally awful at layering (my wardrobe goes from summer ensembles straight to winter puffer jackets), I’ve found transitional pieces that are perfect for a fall wardrobe. As my surprise with all these finds grew, so did my basket. What would have cost me hundreds of dollars only costs a few dollars, and this discovery sparked my obsession with Amazon fashion…and my dad removed me from our shared family Amazon account and changed the password.

Instead of going to the disco bar, I spent the following Saturday night sipping prosecco with my roommate and our trusty golden retriever searching Amazon for anything we thought our closets were missing. Rather than spending $40 for two drinks, we spent it on chic cocktail dresses and moto jackets. Safe to say our building was aware that any incoming Amazon packages had to be delivered to apartment 5F.

However, it is not necessary to stay a weekend for an appointment with Amazon. To save you time, I’ve taken great care in rounding up the best “leather” dresses, tops and jackets that won’t break the bank. Keep scrolling to see all the best Amazon fashion items under $50.