6 ways to customize your jeans according to TikTok

My TikTok For You page is never without inspirational fashion content, and lately DIY videos pique my interest the most. Take the six TikTok creators below, who were each challenged to personalize the new Levi’s® 501® 90s jeans in five minutes and one second based on their unique aesthetic of craftsmanship and fashion. The jeans are inspired by everyone’s favorite 501® Originals, but feature a relaxed, vintage fit. Levi’s® are known to be the ultimate blank canvas for self-expression, and let’s just say that these designers’ customizations prove that sentiment to be true. The end results of these talented women are really cool and unique. Whether or not they all made it to the time limit is another story. (But we’ll let that pass!)

Yolanda Espericueta is an expert frugal, so it’s no surprise she’s interested in the 501’s vintage-inspired fit.® 90s jeans.”I hit up my TikTok to share my second-hand finds,” she explains. “I wanted to show people how to dress well on a budget because growing up I wanted to be fashionable, but I couldn’t afford it.”

Espericueta started sewing a few years ago to customize the fit and style of her second-hand pieces, and now she regularly alters her clothes with personal touches. His new Levi’s® denim was no exception. “I chose to add a leopard print faux fur trim to the jeans because I thought it would add a bold edge and give them that funky element that I try to incorporate into my everyday outfits,” she says. “The waist is exactly where I like it, and the legs have that loose look that definitely reminds me of a 90s model look outside of work hours.” Espericueta also channeled the ’90s vibe with the rest of her outfit, styling denim with chunky platform boots, a cropped top and a claw-clip bun.

Grace Xu may be known for her crochet skills on TikTok, but lately she’s also been trying her hand at embroidery. She tells me that other designers have inspired her to embroider her own slightly imperfect doodles. “I really wanted to preserve the fit of the 501® 90s, so I decided to go with some freehand embroidery just to make them my own,” she says.

Xu kept the rest of her outfit simple to let the denim take center stage. “I definitely see myself leaning into the fun embroidery colors and styling these jeans into a more maximalist outfit later down the road, but I think there’s something about the crop top and baggy jean combo that makes the ultimate cool -girl uniform,” she says.

Like many others, Genai Nakama launched his TikTok as a fun and creative outlet. “It was amazing to fall into my niche and find other TikTok creators and users who made me feel seen and were able to provide the same exposure I was looking for,” she explains.

As for her denim, Nakama drew inspiration from Los Angeles, where she grew up. “Walking down the street, getting on the bus and even looking at my dad – someone always wore a crisp pair of Levi’s®,” she recalled. “I wanted to pay tribute to the relationship between my city and Levi’s® by painting ‘Los Angeles’ on the front. It’s simple but effective,” she says.

I’ve been following Madeline Ronzoni on TikTok for months. She creates these amazing colorful rugs in all kinds of unique shapes. (I’ve got my eye on this floral rug.) Recently, she’s expanded her skills beyond rugs, using quilting to create handbags and patches for denim, too.

As Valentine’s Day approached, Ronzoni was inspired to create red and pink tufted hearts and clip them onto her jeans (along with a matching heart-shaped purse, of course). The hearts on the back pockets are really cute. As for the jeans themselves, Ronzoni says, “I love this pair of 501s.® Levi’s 90s® due to the relaxed and relaxed cut that always has a classic and fashionable look. I couldn’t agree more.

Kelsey Kotzur’s mindset about fashion is so refreshing. “You can’t tell me I’m not the most badass woman on the planet when I’m in an outfit that I know is fierce,” she says of her approach. “I love using clothes to lift my mood and make it look like I’ve got it all figured out. (Spoiler alert: I don’t know.)”

Kotzur is a denim girl through and through. “Denim is my wardrobe staple, and these are loose and comfortable and have that effortless laid-back vibe,” she says. For this project, she recreated an epic denim look worn by Hailey Bieber at the VMAs. “I bought a glue gun and 400 green feathers and went crazy. I didn’t have a pattern that I followed. I just wanted the jeans to be covered in green,” she says of her process. .

Nandi Perry’s style is eclectic, avant-garde and a bit of a hodgepodge, in her words. “I love that fashion gives me a way to express myself without having to say a word,” she tells me. Perry wears a ton of unique denim outfits on TikTok, so I couldn’t wait to see her personalized 501® from the 90s.

Perry chose to dazzle the front pockets, cut the bottom to create a raw hem and embroider a quote that is personal to him, Until death we make art, on each side. “These customizations feel like a true representation of myself, and I want nothing more than to have the ability to make art for the rest of my life,” she explains. As for the actual jeans, Perry says she likes this pair because “they are so comfortable, and I can move around with them, which I always appreciate in good jeans.


The 501® ’90s Original jeans come in three unique washes, but I like this classic darker wash. Maybe it’s the millennial in me.

Most content creators chose this medium wash called “Drew Me In”.

Levi's® 501® Original 90s

More of a fan of dark wash? Don’t worry, the 501® ’90s is also available in this faded black shade.

Genuine Levi's® 501® Cup

A classic that goes well with any top.

Levi's® 501® Skinny

Fresh white jeans are perfect for spring.

Levi's® 501® Original Short

I love the short length of this pair.

Levi's® 501® Skinny

Light wash skinny jeans are a staple in my denim collection.

Genuine Levi's® 501® Cup

The dark wash is so sophisticated.

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