8 Biker Shorts Outfit Ideas With Oversized Tees, Crop Tops, Blazers, And More

For a long time, it seemed like the biker shorts trend was buried in the 90s, never to return among the flurry of trendy leggings and shorts that replaced them. In 2020, cycling shorts are, once again, the one item everyone suddenly has a million pairs of. And now everyone is looking for the best biker shorts ideas to show off each pair of this comfortable and easy piece.

Technically, cycling shorts have never in fact faded away. They just largely stayed in workout gear and authentic biker lanes. But starting around 2018 or 2019, countless celebrities have resurrected Princess Diana’s favorite in unexpected ways — with graphic tees, cardigans and even blazers. Now, biker shorts are less reserved for the gym or, well, the bike, and have become a staple of loungewear, casual outfits, and going out looks. Maybe it’s because the Jenners, Hadids, and other world celebrities seem to wear them every day. Maybe it’s because they’re so comfortable. Either way, there are endless biker shorts outfit ideas to power your wardrobe through summer, fall, and beyond. Take a look below for a few ~lewks~ you’ll want to add to your repertoire.

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Biker shorts with an oversized t-shirt

Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images

A favorite look of models, influencers and TikTokers, biker shorts teamed with an oversized t-shirt and a pair of chunky sneakers is probably the most comfortable cool-girl look around. It’s airy, easy to move around, and lets you play with endless colors and t-shirts. Consider this my favorite outfit every summer for the rest of eternity.

Biker Shorts With A Blazer

The easiest way to elevate cycling shorts? Pair them with a simple solid color top and throw a nice blazer over it. There are also no rules for the blazer. It can be oversized, fitted, black, printed – whatever you like and feel good in. With this cut, you can go straight from the park or the gym to a night out with friends, with just one addition.

Biker Shorts With A Crop Top

If cropped tops are more your style as opposed to larger tees, you can just as easily pair them with your favorite biker shorts. Not only is it endlessly chic, but it will help you beat the summer heat at the same time.

Biker shorts with sports bra

The wave of athleisure has swept across the globe, and it’s not fading anytime soon. Whether you’re looking to feel cute at the gym or just love an athletic look out in the wild, donning a sports bra with your biker shorts will give you the sporty vibe you’re looking for.

Biker Shorts as a matching set

Remember when pairing sets were not costs? Yeah, me neither, because I blocked that from my memory. Now, if the pieces of my outfit don’t match, I don’t want it. The matching workout set above from Daily Paper is great for a number of reasons: it’s high-quality workout wear, it features the ever-popular tie-dye pattern, and you can just as easily wear it even if you don’t intend to adjust it. foot in the gym.

Biker shorts with a cardigan or sweater

Cornel Cristian Petrus/Shutterstock

Cardigans are another trend that has made a rapid comeback over the past couple of years, and maybe that’s why they pair so well with biker shorts. You can put on biker shorts and a top and add a cardigan over it as shown above, or you can button up a cropped cardigan and wear it as the only top. The possibilities are endless with this ultra cozy idea.

Biker shorts with a sweatshirt

Anwar Hussein/Getty Images News/Getty Images

You simply can’t discuss this topic without highlighting Princess Diana, queen of biker shorts. In the late 80s and early 90s, Diana wore biker shorts with t-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, and more. And as a surprise to zero people, every look was fire. For those days when it’s a bit cold and all you want is to feel like a warm and cozy burrito, throw a nice sweatshirt over your biker shorts.

Buttoned Biker Shorts

Biker shorts and button-up shirts seem like an unlikely pair, but there’s something that feels polished about it. Button-up shirts also allow you to be a little more creative when it comes to styling the look, as you can play around with tying the shirt, buttoning or unbuttoning a few buttons, and trying out different colors and patterns. All in all, it’s a fun and experimental look that always looks fresh in the summer.