A fashion fan raves about the ‘perfect’ summer dresses and tops she found at the supermarket…but gets mugged by trolls

A FASHION fan thought she had found the perfect summer dresses and tops at the supermarket at a bargain price.

She had no idea the clothes weren’t what she thought and she was absolutely savaged by trolls telling her what the cute clothes really were.


The fashion fan had no idea the clothes were uniform1 credit

Posting her finds on TikTok, Pat Herb was convinced she had stumbled upon cute and colorful mini-dresses as well as sweaters and cardigans.

She said: “I was walking around Asda and wanted to buy these blue checkered dresses,” Pat explained.

Not only that, but she found cute colorful sweaters, cardigans and skirts.

The best part was that it was all so cheap, with most parts marked at £5.

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But there was an obvious reason why everything was so cheap and why the sizes were so small – the clothes were actually school uniforms.

The fashion fan, from the Philippines, confessed that when she realized the clothes were meant to be worn by children in school, she was undeterred.

She continued, “Since I’m relatively small, I wanted to buy a few pieces here, like a sweater, a jacket and even a skirt, because they are all very cheap.

“The only thing stopping me is looking like a kid on the street.”

But trolls were quick to denounce her fashion gaffe, with one saying: “I’m not kidding, every Englishman will instinctively know you’re wearing school uniform clothes.”

“I guess it’s a cultural thing,” Pat joked, “where I’m from, these uniforms don’t look like uniforms, I’m definitely going to jump then!”

A second joked: ‘All Brits here are screaming right now!’

Another viewer said: ‘Don’t wear the dresses, you might get away with the cardigan, but the dresses are uniform all over England, people will know that.’

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Some viewers were annoyed that she wanted to buy the uniform when real kids needed it.

“Buy other things. Kids need uniforms and some stores are just too expensive,” one said.

She loved the look of sweaters and cardigans


She loved the look of sweaters and cardigans1 credit
She was amazed at the cheap price


She was amazed at the cheap price1 credit
The fashionista loved how cute she was, the clothes were on before she knew it


The fashionista loved how cute she was, the clothes were on before she knew it1 credit