Amazon Aware Recycled Denim Jeans Review

A nice pair of jeans is quite wonderful; a consciously made pair is truly amazing. The two star styles from Amazon Aware, the retailer’s new line of essentials made from organic and/or recycled products, are more than worthy contenders for favorite pair of jeans status.

Such a claimed status comes down to having two categories: aesthetics and materials. This duo nails both.

First, the fit is vintage-inspired perfection.

You know those jeans you’re always looking for? One who is straight but flattering; high waist but not on the navel; and likely to really make your butt look like, really Well. That’s it.

The “abbreviated” style isn’t a full cut but sits just above the ankle bone (the sweet spot for a denim hem, if you ask this fashion writer). And the cut is that extremely flattering straight leg that often seems to belong exclusively to a vintage pair your best friend unearthed in a dusty thrift store. It is fitted through the hips and thighs but opens below the knee.


Cropped straight jeans

Amazon Conscious


By its very nature, blue jeans are versatile, but not all are created equal. A perfect basic silhouette like this is one that pairs with sneakers or your most party-ready heels. (Available in two inclusive shades and sizes, the darker rinse reads as slightly more formal if you can’t accept the idea that “blue jeans” are formal.)

These jeans are backed by some serious conscious credentials.

Denim production is notoriously not so bad for the environment, a fact that Amazon Aware aims to combat by using at least fifty percent recycled denim (certified as such by the Global Recycled Standard).


Mid-rise skinny jeans

Amazon Conscious


Each pair in the initial range is made with the same conscious elements and masters the ideal blend of softness and structure – they feel great to the touch but aren’t so bouncy that they lose all semblance of shape by mid-afternoon. . (If you prefer a slightly slimmer silhouette, the above style is your best bet; it’s not a “skinny jeans” but skims the leg more closely than the abbreviated style.)

Both are winners, however, and forgo super-trendy elements for a classic look with sartorial resistance. And don’t forget that this kind of “buy now and wear forever” status is also a big piece of the style-conscious puzzle: buying something that’s not meant to be worn multiple times and thrown away is essential to making the more thoughtful fashion cycle.

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