Anthropologie’s Best Slip Dresses

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Give me a hassle-free dress that I can wear for every occasion and I’ll be ready for life. The fewer buttons, zippers or fasteners, the better. I just want to be able to slip into a dress, put on sneakers or sandals and call it a day. If you’re with me on this, it’s time to invest in slip dresses – and the best place to look is Anthropologie, thanks to its versatile selection of patterns, designs and fits.

If you’re the “please don’t scroll me through the seemingly THOUSAND pages of dresses” type, don’t worry. We’ve compiled the best of the best – seamless dresses to put on and take off, soft and comfortable to wear, beautiful to boot and breathable to get you through even the hottest summer days.

Best Sneaker-Friendly Slip Dresses

Athina Parnasa Petra Embroidered Tunic Dress — $239.00

If any dress was made by Helios himself, this would be it. Handwoven in Greece, this cheerful tunic dress by Athina Parnasa will have you wanting to book the next trip to Mykonos. Crafted from a breathable cotton-viscose blend, the dress features a v-neck and a fun tiered silhouette. Better yet, it’s a sweater, you just have to put it on, and that’s it. (Bonus: It’s machine washable. And it comes in a bunch of different colors.)

Somerset long dress

Somerset Maxi Dress — $168.00

Perfect for spring or cooler summer nights, this lightweight cotton maxi dress is a dream on days when the weather can’t decide what it wants to do. With its V-neck and smocked waist, you’ll never feel like you’re wearing a fitted sheet again: it has shape and a nice silhouette. Choose from eight different designs (all playful and unique) and machine wash them whenever you want. Because it’s a different style of sweater, you don’t have to worry about zippers or buttons.

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T.La Layered Tank Dress – $98.00

One of the simplest fashion solutions for hot days? A tank top dress. This one, made in Los Angeles, is deceptively simple – since it’s layered, it gives the style a more intricate look (much like cutouts), but no. It’s a unique solution that belongs in your “basic” wardrobe, but is anything but. With a blend of cotton and spandex, it’s both breathable and stretchy, giving you endless comfort. And again, no zippers in sight. It is also machine washable.

farm anthropology

Farm x Anthropologie Long T-Shirt Dress — $220.00

We like to mix colors and patterns, as well as styles. This t-shirt-maxi hybrid is such a fun dress (parrots! And fruits! And toucans!) that you can wear to brunch, to the beach, or on your next vacation. Crafted from cotton, it’s another sweat-wicking option that’ll keep you covered even in the mid-August hellscape. Pair it with your favorite white trainers or Birks, and you’re ready to go.

open back twist dress

T.La Open Back Twist Mini Dress – $98.00

It’s business up front, party in the back. Another T-shirt dress that’s easy to pull on in three seconds, what stands out the most are the fun cut-out twists in the back. The only note is that you might want to wear some nipple pasties or tape if you need coverage (but we’re a fan of no-bras too!).

daily practice dress

Aster Daily Practice Two-Piece Dress Set by Anthropologie — $128.00

This two-piece dress is ideal for that weird time in between – an April 25 dress, if you will. When it’s not yet warm, but it’s not cold either (s/o to all my readers who watched Miss Conviviality at every slumber party in 6th grade). Can’t smell the crop top T-shirt? You can simply wear the dress as a tank dress. Made of cotton, this dress is definitely suitable for armpit sweat.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.