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Which low rise jeans are the best?

Low-rise jeans are back despite much protest from those who already lived the trend in the late 1990s and early 2000s as well as people who find the style unflattering. However, the resurgence of these low-rise jeans also means that there are more flattering fits and styles than before.

Low rise jeans are less constraining to wear than high rise jeans. And you don’t have to wear them with a crop top and a navel piercing anymore, unless you’re going for a Y2K look. For classic low-rise skinny jeans, the True Religion Stella Low-Rise Skinny Fit Jeans are the best choice.

What to know before buying low rise jeans

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The height of the pants determines the position of the jeans on your waist. Low-rise jeans fit at or below the seat bone. This can have a lengthening effect on shorter torsos. Some dip lower than others, so think about how much of your belly you want to show off. Of course, you can always pair low-rise jeans with a belly-covering flannel shirt for a 90s grunge look.


Low rise jeans come in a variety of lengths.

  • cropped jeans falls between the ankle and mid-calf, and they’re the perfect length for summer.
  • ankle jeans strike just at or slightly above the ankle.
  • Regular length jeans falls just below the ankle.
  • full length jeans cover part of your shoe and ankle.

If you’re tall, look for high-length jeans so you don’t end up with cropped jeans when you opt for ankle-length jeans. If you are short, look for short length jeans.


Low-rise jeans are usually sized by waist and length in inches. For example, a 30/32 jean would have a waist measurement of 30 inches and an inseam length of 32 inches. Depending on the brand, you can find waist sizes from 23 to 42 inches.

Other brands offer low rise jeans in women’s sizes 0-16. It is best to consult a size chart for accurate measurements. Some brands offer extended sizes up to women’s size 26.

What to Look for in Quality Low Rise Jeans


Low-rise jeans come in a variety of fits.

  • skinny jeans fit snugly over the entire leg and are narrow at the ankles. They usually have stretch going for them.
  • boot cut jeans are fitted at the thighs and flare out slightly below the knee.
  • Flared jeans have a more pronounced flare and can fit the thighs quite comfortably.
  • Straight cut jeans have a straight silhouette down to the ankles and don’t taper like skinny jeans.
  • boyfriend jeans are baggy and baggy for a casual, on-trend style.


Low-rise jeans come in different washes, which gives them their denim hue. The lighter the wash, the longer the jeans were washed.

  • The deepest blue denim is raw, which means that it is not washed. The material can be quite stiff.
  • Dark wash denim is also a dark blue and can be worn during the day or dressed up in the evening.
  • Medium wash denim is the most popular wash. It is more relaxed and lighter than a dark wash.
  • Lightly washed denim is two shades lighter than medium wash denim. This option is perfect for a summer look.


Besides shades of denim blue, low rise jeans also come in white, black and gray. You can also find them in all the colors of the rainbow, such as pink, red or royal blue. If you go for colorful jeans, pair them with a neutral colored top and shoes.

How much you can expect to spend on low rise jeans

Low rise jeans start at just $15 and can cost up to $195 for designer brands.

Low Rise Jeans FAQ

Can only a certain body type wear low-rise jeans?

A. No. With the rise of body inclusivity, the idea that certain body types cannot wear certain styles of clothing has gone out of style. You don’t need a flat, toned navel to wear low-rise jeans. Some consumers don’t like the muffin top effect they can give, but you can still wear a hip-length shirt or a tucked-in shirt with belly-baring jeans.

What are distressed low-rise jeans?

A. Distressed jeans feature fraying and a vintage look. Even though they are new, they are supposed to look old and worn. Denim may also appear faded or worn in places. You can also find ripped low rise jeans, which have holes or tears usually at the knee.

What are the best low rise jeans to buy?

Low rise denim top

True Religion Stella Low Rise Skinny Jeans

What do you want to know: With an authentic low rise, these skinny jeans offer the perfect fit.

What you will love: The material is stretchy but does not sag after wear. The back pocket is both attractive and flattering. They hold up well after several washes. Big and small women are lucky with the cut.

What you should consider: Buyer beware of counterfeits with this popular brand.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Low rise jeans top for the money

Wrangler Shiloh Low Rise Bootcut Riding Jeans

Wrangler Shiloh Low Rise Bootcut Riding Jeans

What do you want to know: These are comfortable low rise jeans with a flattering bootcut fit.

What you will love: These classic jeans are designed to roll and give you the freedom to move and breathe. The front pockets are large enough to hold a smartphone securely. The western seams are beautiful, especially on the back pockets. The denim is a good thickness.

What you should consider: They run large and can adapt better to curvy figures.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Silver Jeans Co. Tuesday low rise slim bootcut jeans

Silver Jeans Co. Tuesday low rise slim bootcut jeans

What do you want to know: Another bootcut-style jean that comes in five classic denim washes.

What you will love: The ankle length and cut works great with cowboy boots or heels. The jeans have a slight stretch and sit just at the hip. After a break-in period, these jeans become soft and become your most comfortable pair. The placement of the back pocket is flattering.

What you should consider: Many consumers have to order two full sizes for a proper fit.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

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