Best Mom Jeans 2022, According to Trending Moms

Mom’s best jeans, those familiar high-waisted tapered pants with no stretch, evolved from just having a moment. Once a ’90s fashion jean (think Cindy Crawford’s airport style or Olivia Newton John’s iconic all-denim looks), mom jeans have established themselves as a staple in our wardrobes over the past few years. years with heritage denim brands like Levi’s and Wrangler. embraced the once-trustworthy, now runway-worthy style.

Thanks to Hedi Slimane and his vision of Céline, mom jeans have been the hero of several recent parades. Models wore them with oversized blazers or sports jackets, embodying our post-quarantine mood board: a hybrid, office work/work from home scenario where we swapped our casual sweaters and leggings for blazers and this must-have in proven denim. .

The silhouette of mom jeans is special. Its defining features include a high waist, which helps streamline the silhouette, and a slightly loose leg. Most purists will say that mom jeans fall straight on the legs, but the truth is that there are already endless silhouettes in this category, as long as they keep the waist high: Flare, baggy and balloon are some of the most popular. variants.

But which mom jeans are preferred by real moms? I consult Karla Martinez, editor-in-chief of vogue Mexico and vogue Latin America on his favorite pairs: Slvrlake’s Beatnik style and Khaite’s Kyle jeans. “I secretly wanted to spend the day in leggings before the pandemic started, but once it started the last thing I wanted to wear was gym clothes unless I was exercising.” she says. “I’ve spent the last year living in my Slvrlake jeans paired with t-shirts and sweaters. As the world opens up again, I’m in the mood to pair my favorite cropped Khaite mom jeans with boots and blazers.

As for me, despite being a mom for a few years, I’m a recent convert to mom jeans school – I don’t think I’ll be wearing low rise jeans again! The high waist is so much more flattering and allowed me to explore more colors than my usual rotation of darker black and navy washes, which I turned to for their slimming abilities. These days I wear lighter colored denim like the Frame Le High cropped white jeans.