Best t-shirts and tops for summer in the UK and online and classic slogan

There are wardrobe items without which we would be forever lost – jeans, a reliable dress and a humble but powerful t-shirt.

How grateful we are that the US Navy opted for such an understated, comfortable and timeless option during the Spanish-American War of 1898; and what a blessed gift that Marlon Brando in Tram named Desire gave us the impression that you can look pretty damn sexy in it too.

There was a time when we thought the t-shirt did more harm than good – in the early 2000s when some men had better wear t-shirts with rapy slogans, or ones with the acronyms FCUK not so spiritual. Also, steer clear of those who use any type of “keep calm and carry on” puns and the same goes for jokey slogans. As someone in Love Actually once said of a totally different topic, “Enough now.”

But we live in enlightened times today and the T-shirt still remains majestic, glorious even. They go with everything, look so easy, but also sexy if you want them to be, and they are also comfortable. They will never let you down and they always look good. They’re basically the fashion equivalent of Ryan Gosling.

Either way, here’s our pick of this summer’s 21 best t-shirts below.

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