BLACKPINK: oversized black glam crop tops; Three trends Lisa is currently obsessed with

As Kpop groups take center stage, the world has not only witnessed their amazing music, but also their cutting-edge style. When we talk about K pop, 4-member group BLACKPINK comes to mind, not only are the group leading the upbeat music, but they are also emerging as global fashionistas. Today, we list the 3 trends that Lisa, the former member of the group, is obsessed with. We scrolled through Lisa’s Instagram and noticed 3 emerging pop trends the alum is currently obsessed with, scroll down to take a look.

Lisa has the sharpest and most daring sense of fashion. One of her wardrobe staples is the crop top in neutral colors that layers well under cropped jackets and blazers. She doesn’t mind showing a hint of skin in public and often keeps her appearance modest by wearing high waisted jeans or covering up with extra outerwear. In Light Up The Sky, Lisa shares that she loves vintage clothing and will make unexpected discoveries in vintage stores during her travels, which adds to the artist’s unique sense of style.

Scroll through Lisa’s Instagram and you’ll find that her ensembles lack the bright, poppy colors you’d find in any of Blackpink’s music videos. Instead, Lisa’s outfits rely on the color black the most, whether it’s a black crop top or a black blazer paired with black jeans.

Each Blackpink member is signed to a major luxury fashion house and for Lisa, her partner is Celine, and the presence of the brand’s luxury products is unmistakable in the pop diva’s closet.

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