Brad Pitt dresses like a coastal grandma on his ‘Bullet Train’ tour

It’s hard to argue that Brad Pitt looks bad as ever. The sexiest man alive has had decades of time in the limelight to refine his colors (any), his haircut (currently a great separate take on some sun-soaked surfer locks) and its angles (also, any) on the red carpet.

But when the Once upon a time in Hollywood The actor stepped out in a peach-colored linen suit in Paris on Sunday for a preview of the upcoming action-comedy blockbuster High-speed trainour minds were once again blown away.

Nothing screams summer like a pastel linen suit. Ask Mr. Pitt.

Stephane Cardinale-Corbis

To call Pitt’s outfit a simple linen suit is to do the outfit a great injustice. There’s “unstructured”, and then there’s this jaw-dropping joint – custom-designed by Haans Nicholas Mott, co-founder of New York label Anecho – billowing, changing with the breeze, full of character, all easy corners and drawstrings and sheer fabric.

While dusty pastels are certainly below the curve on the sliding scale of formal menswear, the pajama-like ensemble, combined with a comfy pink henley, chic gold aviators that wouldn’t look out of place on a trafficker ’70s drugstore and plunging silver and gold chains, really works as a nonchalant clothing accessory. A beautiful Breitling Navitimer B01 Chronograph 43attached to Brad’s wrist, also helped categorize the look (as $10,000 watches are used to).

Little did we know that the Crinkle Creamsicle Combo was just the start. Brad has been on an absolutely light linen tear, breaking up similar suits in various monochromatic shades (like aqua blue and bubbly pink below), fusing the Wes Anderson aesthetic with Juicy tracksuits and an Italian couture top. of range.

But on Tuesday morning, he proved his craziest look yet. Pitt donned a drab linen skirt (!), complete with a matching baggy blazer for the Amalfi holiday, a purple button-up (open, of course – free the pecs) and chunky combat boots for his Berlin show at the Zoo Theater Palast, an outfit par excellence even compared to his recent flurry of flax fits.

Brad takes a look at the monochrome outfit for his “Bullet” Train press tour.

Gareth Cattermole/Sebastian Reuter/Stringer

Despite record-breaking heat wave in Europe — Pitt Noted that his decision to bring the kilt forward was for ‘the breeze’ – that’s a lot of eyes for the 58-year-old. Honestly, that’s a lot of looks for anyone. The mirt (man’s skirt) has had some success in recent years, with various celebrities It’s worth approving of the move, but it feels distinctly fresh coming from America’s sweetheart, especially considering the quirky aunt of it all. I guess if we had calf tattoos like that we would show them off too.

Of course we have questions. Not about Mr. Pitt wearing a skirt, because we are – and as you should be – way beyond that. No, we’re much more interested in where Mr. Pitt learned of the existence of the coastal grandmother trendy, a recent internet sensation involving loads of linen and a casual style that’s not quite different High-speed train Brad. A bastard, asshole version, perhaps, but that seems like the only possible explanation, and given the timing, surely it can’t be a coincidence? Food for thought.

Either way, it’s something we’ve never seen before from Pitt, and considering his sartorial range and (probably) billions of dressy looks, it’s an impressive feat. While we eagerly await the arrival of the Santa Monica matriarch, we can only go on and thank the universe for Brad. And maybe take a linen suit.