Calvin Klein Jeans recycles denim in Hong Kong – Sourcing Journal

Calvin Klein Jeans enlisted Fashion Clinic, a Hong Kong-based collective of designers and tailors specializing in redesigning and recycling unused clothing and materials, to help tell a visual and wearable story about denim waste. .

The brand owned by PVH Corp. has partnered with the collective to develop the Reimagined Denim collection made from surplus and reworked denim. Handcrafted in Hong Kong from 2,000 pairs of unworn jeans, no piece in the collection is identical. Fashion Clinic brought the pieces to life through patchwork, reinforced rips, wash and wear techniques. Labels, buttons and zippers have also been kept intact to further reduce waste.

The garments ranged from an oversized ’90s jacket recut from four pairs of jeans and eight hours of handcrafting to straight jeans assembled from two pairs of jeans with contrasting washes. Other items included a hat, skirt, and bralette.

The clothes were available from June 22 to July 13 exclusively at a dedicated store located in the Times Square Hong Kong shopping mall. Recycled denim and ‘reclaimed textiles’ were used throughout the space to create a denim jungle, including a giant denim tiger made from recycled materials to mark the Year of the Tiger.

“The Calvin Klein Jeans Reimagined Denim collection is an important step in our sustainability journey and reinforces our commitment to reducing our impact on the planet,” said Tom Chu, PVH Regional President for Asia-Pacific. “By working with a local Hong Kong organization dedicated to responsible fashion, we are able to bring a fresh perspective to Calvin Klein and a collection that will resonate with our sustainability conscious consumer.”

Calvin Klein donated 10% of net proceeds from the Reimagined Denim collection to Friends of the Earth, a Hong Kong environmental group.

The brand also held in-store activations such as an environmental quiz, recycled tote bags and a workshop where customers turned denim scraps into coasters using Fashion Clinic’s needle-punching machine. .