Can moms still wear crop tops or should we give it up?

Moms wear crop tops, yes or no? Crop tops seem like a questionable fashion statement for some reason. There’s an understandable debate around young girls and tweens wanting to wear crop tops, which is understandable, but there have been recent rumors suggesting moms may want to limit this fashion statement.

You can only live one life and you should never be ashamed of your body. If you want to wear a crop top, we tell you, go for it! Restlessness informs readers that everyone should wear a crop top, and reminds us that this fashion trend promotes a healthy body image, which is great in our books!

There are a number of ways to wear a crop top that create ease of comfort and are slightly revised from the usual way this fashion statement is made. You can really have fun with this and customize the way a crop top is worn to meet your personal comfort level. The bottom line is that you’re never too old to wear a crop top, and moms should definitely be included when it comes to this trendy fashion statement.

Go ahead, mom, wear that crop top

woman in crop top
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Crop tops aren’t just for young people, they’re for anyone who feels comfortable wearing them. We don’t know what the hesitation is when it comes to moms in crop tops, but we’re happy to rid you of any limiting thinking that might be taking place around this topic. There’s no reason moms should miss having fun with crop tops as part of their regular wardrobe options. They’re cute, trendy, lightweight, and fun, and moms should be able to enjoy all of these benefits!

So don’t hesitate any longer, get rid of your inhibitions and wear the crop top you so want to try!

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Change your style

woman in crop top
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Believe it or not, you can wear a crop top without showing off your belly. Even if you have stretch marks on your stomach, you can still make it work. Many adorable crop tops can be worn with high waisted jeans or with high waisted skirts, and you can even add an oversized belt for an unexpected touch of style, as said by Zoe with love. Some moms have even tucked a button-up shirt under their crop tops for added impact and to add a bold fashion touch. If you are worried about your belly, The Mom Edit suggest you keep both layers loose, you will see better results.

There are so many ways to add a crop top to your wardrobe, and most would agree that there’s no reason to avoid what you can embrace when it comes to fashion.

Healthy body image

Somewhere down the line, certain fashion statements were meant to be applicable to a specific age group, and somehow became frowned upon if worn by a mother. We say, forget it and wear what feels right. Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you can’t have complete fashion freedom. There’s no “wrong age” for wearing something into adulthood – that’s the beauty of being able to make your own choices.

Zoe with love agreed that adopting a healthy body image is essential for all women, especially mothers who have seen their bodies change after childbirth. It’s important to wear what you feel comfortable in and free yourself from having to conform to society’s perception of what is “right” for your age.

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