Celebrities Wore the Most See-Through Dresses at Gucci’s ‘Love Parade’ Fashion Show: These *Major* Skin Flash Looks!

You would never guess that the Gucci “Love Parade” fashion show took place in November, because most of the guests in attendance were wearing next to nothing on the red carpet! How were they not shivering?! On Tuesday November 2, Gucci closed the iconic Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles for the highly anticipated fashion show, which was attended by a host of celebrities ranging from big-name actresses like Olivia Wilde and Dakota Johnson to award-winning stars. musicians like Billie Eilish and Miley Cyrus.

We don’t know if there was an official dress code that guests of the very prestigious FROW had to stick to, but we think a lot of celebrities were in the same group chat when deciding what to wear, as they were going all for see-through, sexy and sometimes even barely present ensembles. Let’s take a look at some of our favourites…

Olivia Wilde

The 37 year old man Library The director was easily one of the sexiest guests in the front row, rocking everyone’s favorite trend of the moment: the pure trend. How do you make a bralette – one of the most daring pieces of clothing by everyone’s standards – even sexier? Make it lace and see-through, of course! Oh, and also add a corset, which is probably the second most daring item a woman can wear. She accessorized with a pencil skirt, leather belt bag, knee-high boots and a piece of jewelry that had the internet talking, as she reportedly borrowed her 27-year-old boyfriend Harry’s signature gold cross necklace. styles. It’s a nice way to keep him close, since he couldn’t attend the event with her due to his tour.

dakota johnson

Sequins, feathers, transparent bodysuits… this look has it all! We felt the 32-year-old Fifty shades of Grey the actress – who has been a Gucci ambassador since 2017 – would cause a stir with her appearance at FROW. And we were certainly not wrong! Dakota opted for a sexy LBD (emphasis on small) that came with a nude, sheer, and embellished bodice, which she accessorized with a black feathered jacket, instantly recognizable GG logo tights, a Gucci bag, and slippers. black strappy pumps.

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Billie Eilish

The seven-time Grammy winner, 19, sported one of the sexiest looks we’ve ever seen of her, as she wore a racy lace blazer and trousers ensemble, accessorized with a scarf black to the ground and an ornate helmet. Black was the key color here, as she also wore black platform heels, black nail polish on her fingers and toes, and black sunglasses. The sun had already set by then, but this is Hollywood after all!

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Miley Cyrus

The 28 year old player wrecking ball The singer, who attended with her mother, Tish Cyrus, was another star who received the sexy fringe fashion memo. Miley looked every inch the 1920s flapper girl in her sparkly fringed ensemble, which she accessorized with matching gold shoes and a gold bag from Gucci, naturally. Her godmother Dolly Parton would be so proud of her look, that she finished with a curly blonde hairstyle somewhat reminiscent of the 9 to 5 the singer’s signature style and bold lipstick.

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Gwyneth Paltrow

The 49-year-old Goop founder was another star on our best-dressed list, as she wore a red velvet pantsuit very similar to the one she’s worn since 1996, complete with a contrasting blue button-down underneath. The mum-of-two left a pretty dangerous number of buttons open, making for one of the most subtly provocative outfits of the whole night. She definitely knew what she was doing! Let’s give the red velvet suit some more love, because although it’s from Gucci’s Aria 2021 collection, it would have been largely inspired by the Tom Ford for Gucci Fall 1996 one she wore to the MTV VMAs this that year – and aside from the pink Ralph Lauren dress she wore to receive her “Best Actress” Oscar for her role in Shakespeare in love in 1999, it remains one of her most iconic fashion moments of her entire career. We loved this feeling of deja vu!