Country singers showing off their abs in sexy crop tops: pics

Some of your favorite country singers dared to challenge by showing off their toned abs in sexy cropped tops. Whether it be Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood Where Maren Morristhe stunning beauties of the music industry make it a point to express themselves however they choose.

Miranda released a fun and colorful music video for her single “Tequila Does” in August 2021, in which she donned a denim tie-up vest over a sparkly top with a pink cowgirl hat, of course. It was a rarity to see the “Mama’s Broken Heart” artist rock a cropped look. However, she usually doesn’t shy away from wearing cute denim shorts when running errands or show-stopping dresses on the red carpet.

Carrie, however, tends to keep the look hot for the gym, as an avid fitness enthusiast. The “Undo It” rocker occasionally shares workout videos via Instagram to show off her impressive exercise skills, from push-ups to core exercises. And whenever Carrie hits the gym, she usually wears tank tops or sports bras.

In a September 2011 video interview with We Weekly, the american idol The Season 4 alum opened up about her workout routine and how she stays in shape.

“God did not bless me with a J.Lo fabulous back or arms, but [my] the legs are more muscular than the rest of me,” she explained. “I do lunges, I do squats, I run. I generally try to take a holistic approach to good health. I like working out, but I like eating, and there’s a middle ground somewhere in that.

As for Maren, the “Chasing After You” crooner isn’t shy about dazzling the red carpet. In May 2022, Maren arrived wearing a shimmering silver sequin tied crop with black leather pants. Although it’s a pretty simple ensemble, the Texas native really made a statement with her fashion choice.

During an October 2017 interview with Billboard, Maren described her usual everyday style and go-to fashion choices for stage performances.

“My style is not girly girly at all. I’ve never been there,” she told the outlet. “I love ripped jeans with a leather jacket. I’ve never been a big athlete, but now I’ve been into yoga for a year and a half, and I’m so proud of my body, so I like to show off things that accentuate it. …High waisted pants and cropped tops are my go-to for stage outfits.

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