Crop Top Mania: 6 Male Idols Who Wear Crop Tops Better Than Anyone

What idols wear… what a great topic to talk about – and scroll about – about. If there’s anything K-pop idols know how to do, it’s defy fashion standards. Always ready to try out the next trend and push it to the limit, every scene, music video, or airport hall an idol hits can turn into a runway in the blink of an eye. For this same reason, whenever a band or solo artist makes a comeback, their eyes aren’t just on the music and the concept, but also on the outfits they decide to wear, because you know what. an idol wears, an idol transforms into #mode .

But there’s this specific item that some male idols are rocking these days, the one that brings out a sexy, playful, and intense side of themselves: the crop top. While some still see it as a garment designed for women, many have shown on stage that there is no gender when it comes to fashion. This article is no exception to that rule, but if you’re still a little hesitant about the idea, here’s a list of five idols that will change your mind about men in crop tops.

ACE – Donghun

Donghun is synonymous with pleasure. Crop tops are definitely a piece he likes to experiment with, and how can he not when he looks so cool wearing them? Opting for brighter colors and fun prints, he likes to play with oversized ones that skim his trouser line, which also intermittently reveal his torso as he moves, turning this piece into a fun way to spark excitement and curiosity on stage. Usually paired with jeans and fun belts, Donghun will definitely continue to experiment with this look, and we’re here for it.




GOT7 – Bamboo

If you’re a K-pop fan, you probably remember the day BamBam appeared on stage wearing a black crop top and social media lost it. As if he wasn’t talented enough already, BamBam danced to miss A’s “Hush” while wearing leather pants, chain suspenders and a black crop top, and with that, an unforgettable K-pop moment. in the story was born. Now, we hope it’s almost time to see him change his look again.

SHINee – Taemin

Is there really something Taemin can’t do? He can sing, he can dance, he can model…and he can wear whatever he wants and still look amazing. I wish I had all those talents, to be honest. While Taemin started experimenting with the crop top a few years ago, it wasn’t until last year that he embraced it and incorporated it into his performance and overall concept. Mixing different textures, trying with cropped sweaters or cropped shirts, Taemin makes a statement every time he wears one on stage.


Kang Daniel

As if he knew I was writing this, Kang Daniel appeared in a crop top right in the middle of the development of this article. During Wanna One’s last concert, Daniel appeared on stage wearing a cropped hoodie that took social media Twitter by storm, and the reason is obvious. Proudly displaying his toned abs, Daniel said goodbye to Wanna One activities leaving this memory in our minds forever.

MONSTA X – Wonho

Wonho likes to push things to the limit on stage, and we totally approve of that. Going the extra mile, Wonho has shown us many cool outfits over the years, but the one that stands out is the crop top look. He’s experimented with all lengths, but he definitely has a favorite: black shorts, which he’s learned to dress down to perfection and wear both on stage and for his everyday style.

EXO – Kai

Ok but, are we really going to pretend that Kai is not the king of crop tops? He’s already turned them into a signature look, and he’s learned to play with different lengths, textures, colors and designs, sometimes layering accessories on top, sometimes very simple, but always wowing us. From the stage to everyday looks, Kai has found crop tops a way to fashion while bringing something new and unique to the table, and just scroll through Twitter or Instagram to get hooked. realize that the fandom approves.





What do you think of the look, Soompiers? Who would you like to see try the crop top look? Let us know in the comments!

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