Crop tops and jeans are a classic pair for Nikki Tamboli’s chiseled abs

Workouts can seem like a daunting task, but with a hearty reward at the end. No wonder most of our favorite celebrities are still working out at home or being spotted outside of gyms. Nikki Tamboli will soon be spotted outside one of them because she’s motivated to get her abs back, but our only point is where did they go to start? Posing in her black sports bra and ripped jeans, all we see is a very chiseled Nikki Tamboli standing in front of us who could give anyone their money’s worth. Sports bras easily replace crop tops and Nikki may be the one to blame. Nikki Tamboli is known for her athletic looks and chiseled body and her recent post is proof that no one does it better than her.

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Athleisure for Nikki Tamboli is a love song like no other and whether she was back in the bay or doing stunts in Cape Town for Khatron Ke Khiladi 11, the outfits kept coming. An all-black coordinated ensemble can’t be off Nikki Tamboli’s radar and it certainly wasn’t in Cape Town.

Not only monochrome ensembles in all black but also in hot pink have also made their way to Cape Town! His heart may have turned pink and we’d be lying if neither did ours and especially with his envious abs on display.

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All we can say is whether she’s on the go or heading to the gym, she wears her bold style and even bolder personality with her athletic cuts wherever she goes.

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