Crop Tops Not Permitted in SAC – The Official Student Journal of Indiana University South Bend

By: Kate Luce

Chief Editor

Dress codes can be vital for safety. Most lab courses require students to wear closed shoes and safety gear; The welding sections of the carving course require students to wear long sleeves, long pants, closed shoes, gloves, and a hard hat. A Student Activity Center policy states that students, staff, and faculty cannot bare their bellies during practice.

This means students, staff, and faculty cannot wear just a sports bra or crop top while working out.

According to Steve Bruce, Executive Director of Sports and Activities, this policy has been standard since SAC opened nearly 20 years ago. The policy was put in place because of what was considered “proper training material”.

“We kept following it and didn’t think about making any changes because we haven’t had any complaints over the years,” Bruce said.

There are other dress code policies for SAC. Masks are mandatory unless a customer works in the SAC. Blue jeans, khakis or street clothes are not allowed during training. The SAC also does not allow open-toed shoes or sandals during training, for safety reasons.

Photos courtesy of Kate Luce/IU South Bend

Signs about this policy have been posted throughout the facility as a reminder. Student workers can also remind a customer of the policy.

“While I am confident that our customers would work with us to follow our dress code, if anyone continued to fail to comply, either myself or Doug Buysse, who supervises SAC students, would meet with the customer. We would do everything we could to avoid having to ban the customer from using the SAC,” Bruce said.

However, according to Bruce, this policy has not been an issue for several years. SAC participants complied with the midriff policy.

When the Student Recreation Sports Center was contacted about its tummy time policy, a student worker said he did not believe it was still a policy in Bloomington. According to the SRSC website, athletic shoes must be worn, shirts must be worn at all times, and jeans are not allowed – pretty standard for most gyms.