Crop tops, ripped jeans: the most coveted clothes for tweens

VETO’D Many adults remember craving a fashion piece when they were kids, only to have your mom and dad object.


Victoria Tentler-Krylov

1. Hotshot Heels

“I want a pair of Louboutin Pumps truly bad. My parents let me wear heels for Halloween, but it’s more like a costume for them. Then [they don’t like] the designer part: ‘You don’t need to show that. A 12 year old does not need to wear designer clothes.

—Jonas, 12, Bloomfield Hills, Mich.

2. Expensive parka

“Last year I wanted a Moncler coat, but my parents wouldn’t let me buy it because it’s a big brand, so wearing it to school might make other kids uncomfortable. And then it’s also very expensive. I really wanted it because it was really cute and different from a regular coat. There were scratches on the cuffs.

Nora, 13, Seattle

3. Top too small

“Some girls in my class are allowed to wear crop tops, but my mom doesn’t like me showing my belly. I said, ‘It would be a very small part of my belly, it wouldn’t even show my navel!’ She still said no. I only wore a crop top once outside, but I had to wear a sweater over it.

Maisie, 11, New York

4. Raw mom jeans

“The 1980s are coming back and the “mom jeans” style is in it, and I thought they were cute… but my mom thinks maybe there were too many holes in it. I have jeans with holes, some that are patched and some that aren’t, but they don’t have that many holes, so…”

Emalyn, 13, Mooresville, Ind.

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