Cropped tops for men are gaining popularity

“Crop tops are all the rage right now.”

Crop tops are becoming more and more popular among men, so don’t be surprised if a guy wears a crop top on the street this summer.

It is typically associated with women’s fashion, but it has gradually found its place among certain men’s wardrobes.

However, the garment is nothing new for men. In the fashion world, it appears from time to time.

Men’s crop tops have been seen both among Desi and internationally.

Indian designer Nitish Arora has integrated masculine crop tops into his new collection.

As part of its Euphoria – Alter X Capsule Collection 2021, Nitish unveiled a masculine crop top.

A model wears a tight long sleeve crop top in wine red. It is associated with bondage pants.

The daring fashion item was also seen among international celebrities.

Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny took to Instagram and was seen wearing a black cropped top.

It’s a thing of the past as Hollywood actor Johnny Depp wore one in the 1984 horror film, freddie.

The men’s crop top has redefined fashion and it looks to be regaining its popularity in 2021, with models and influencers showing off their bellies on social media.

Anvita Sharma, owner of asexual label Two Point Two, said:

“Crop tops are all the rage right now. Whether it’s men or women, if they know how to style it properly, they can easily pull off the look.

“I personally wish more men would try crop tops in the summer.

“They’re cool and fashionable and a little skin show doesn’t hurt men too.”

Stylist Vikram Seth said, “Personally, I’m a big fan of men’s crop tops.

“But it won’t look good on all body types.

“Men with a little belly can skin this t-shirt unless you’re absolutely ok with embracing your belly fat.”

With summer fast approaching, you might want to switch up your wardrobe and opt for crop tops for men.

If you are, here are ways to style them.

  • Pair loose cropped tops with jeans or wide leg denim pants.
  • High waisted jeans or pants work best with cropped tops.
  • For a casual look, wear it with a bucket hat and dad sneakers.
  • It may be best to shave or trim the hair around your belly.
  • Accessorize the look with necklaces to make a statement.

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