Dad models daughter’s crochet crop tops on TikTok

It’s wholesome family content and brilliant marketing all rolled into one sweet story.

Emily Beaver and her wonderful crochet creations have been getting a lot of love online lately, not only for her obvious prowess with a needle, but also for her lovely role models – her parents.

Emily’s mother, Amy Beaver, started it all by wearing one of Emily’s designs, which led to an increase in views on her social media.

But then Emily’s dad, Jeff Beaver, started wearing Emily’s fabulous crop tops, and let’s just say… people were hooked.

Soon, videos of Jeff dancing, twirling and being an absolute jerk while wearing Emily’s bralettes went viral. Like, mega viral. A video of him wearing a full rainbow ensemble while the family performed a “drag race” inspired routine has been viewed nearly 19 million times. Influencer Status: Unlocked.

Emily and her family even caught the attention of “Good Morning America”,

where she attributed the success of her crochet line LoveBeav to her parents’ ability to embrace silliness.

“We don’t care what other people think how silly it might sound,” she told GMA. “My dad was never afraid to look silly, especially if he’s having fun doing it, so he never hesitated on his part.”


I can and I will 😂

♬ original sound – 👑 King Moe 👑

The strategy definitely worked. Emily shared that since creating videos with her family, her business has grown exponentially, from “almost no sales to selling all my stock every month”.

Sales have been so strong, in fact, that Emily now only works as a full-time crochet artist.

One of her most popular items seems to be her “Third Eye” bralettes, which come in a variety of colors. Jeff really likes green, as you can see.

Unfortunately, this rainbow number is sold out.

Nobody could wear it like Jeff, though. Let’s be realistic.

Even if you don’t like crochet, watching the antics of the Beaver family is a great form of entertainment. So say the good people of the Internet.

For Emily, making videos together was the ultimate highlight. She told GMA, “The most important thing to me and my parents is that we spend quality time laughing and enjoying what we’re doing.”

The Beaver family is clearly having a good time and their joy is contagious. Whatever they sell, whether it’s crochet tops, silly daddy dances or family videos, we buy.