“Dennis Rodman only wears his brand t-shirts!” : The five-time champion remains loyal to his t-shirt company, Rodman Brand

Dennis Rodman may look narcissistic wearing his face on his shirts – but that’s exactly like Rodman.

Dyed hair, piercings and tattoos for days – if you thought that description fit a member of a rock band, you wouldn’t be wrong. But that’s exactly how Dennis Rodman was. He was larger than life and out of this world. For a man who didn’t play basketball for the first 20 years of his life, he did pretty well.

After retirement, he leads a happy life and runs his own business making t-shirts with his face on them. He is very proud of them, as he should be. The company Brand Rodman makes cool designs, all around the five-time champion.

Like any business owner trying to promote their product, Rodman wears them all the time. He’s not going anywhere without them, as the GQ series “10 Things I Can’t Live Without” puts it. They’re bright, flashy and over the top, just like the man they were meant to imitate. Perfect vintage t-shirt, mixed with a pop of bright color.

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Dennis Rodman appeared to everyone as a diva in the 90s – his lifestyle is the norm these days

Even with 5 championship rings on his fingers, Dennis Rodman isn’t scratching Kobe Bryant’s net worth. He has one more ring than LeBron James, but his overall value is what James gets in a game. But that doesn’t stop him from living his life – he’s far richer than anyone in that category.

“What good is money if you can’t use it to see the world?” That’s probably how Rodman felt because the stories he has to tell are something that doesn’t even exist in books. One day he was grabbing 20 rebounds, the next he was in the WWF ring.

He didn’t change for anyone, but he didn’t impose his lifestyle on anyone else. The man is super respectful and does what he wants, without causing difficulty to anyone. He may look like a diva, but he’s far from it.

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