Dolly Sohi, the talented actress, likes to dress according to her unique sense of fashion. She loves the process of dressing up.

In a candid chat with, Dolly talks about her fashion choices.

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#Ishtyle for you in a nutshell:


Favorite item in your closet:

My watches and my handbags

The style that makes you feel sexy:

Wear elegant dresses

Your fashion inspiration:


What would be your dress to kill a perfect date:

A long, sexy and elegant dress

Sweatshirts or shirts:

Definitely shirts

Color combination you prefer in your dress style:

I like white and black the most

Indian or Western:

Definitely both

Your favorite dress worn during confinement:

I actually wore shorts and pajamas with tops

Preferred beach mode:

I’m not a beach person

What did you miss the most in your disguise during this confinement:

I missed the dressing process. Of course my shoes, they got worn out without me wearing them

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