Forget skinny jeans. Baggy pants will be in style this summer

The weather is getting warmer and summer is coming soon! You’re bound to be releasing those tank tops, t-shirts, and short dresses in a week or two. It’s also time to put away another winter favorite – your jeans and skinny pants! Instead, it makes more sense to wear comfortable, airy loose pants that allow your wardrobe to adapt to the season. A nod to 90s fashion, these pants are cool, chic and perfect for summer. But it is important to have the right look. Here is a list of tips for loose pants that add a comfortable factor, but are also flattering…

Styling tips to keep in mind

  • It’s a loose style, so contrast things with a fitted top. Try a halter top or a crop top or even a bandeau top with a cropped jacket. Loose shirts are a no-no.
  • Try a studded belt to cinch in the waist and add flair to the look.
  • Where you wear them matters. Loose pants might look okay on a day on the town, but not on an office meeting.
  • White sneakers or sandals go best with your bags.
  • Are you going to a party? Loose black pants and a printed silk top give an elegant look. Or opt for baggy animal print pants with a plain black or white top and metal jewelry.
  • If you have a monochromatic look, opt for a bag or heels in a contrasting hue.

Try this look

Before you go, here’s what to get for your complete baggy jeans look
– Go for an aquatic theme, keeping summer in mind.

– Pair loose blue jeans with a striped tank top.

– Opt for blue slip-ons or heels, plus highlights and nail polish to match. – Use a neon fabric belt on a striped pattern.

– Wear silver earrings to complete the look.