French Fashion Designer Brings Sleek Dresses That Are Both Modern And Classic To Kickstarter

Les Piscines is a rising fashion brand that offers elegant and versatile dresses thanks to timeless Parisian fashion.

Parisian fashion has always represented the crème de la crème of the fashion world and the tradition continues to this day. Following tradition, a dynamic young French fashion designer recently launched a unique clothing line on Kickstarter that brings a modern take on classic Parisian fashion before the world. Titled “Les Piscines”, the new clothing line focuses on top quality dresses that are comfortable, versatile and very stylish.

What sets Les Piscines apart is that the new clothing line has developed a unique and fresh collection that strikes the right balance between comfortable and stylish, sophisticated and casual.

“Les Piscines launches fresh, high-quality clothing that represents a modern take on classic, simplistic fashion. Our dresses stand out with an emphasis on premium materials, fine details, excellent craftsmanship and precise workmanship. Plus, we’re committed to finding the fit that’s right for you so your Les Piscines dress can best complement your personality and style,” said Christine, designer behind Les Piscines.

“Our dresses are inspired by the signature style statement of the great Jean Seberg which was minimalistic, boyish yet elegant and effortlessly glamorous. Additionally, we were also inspired by the philosophy of light and shadow to create pieces Our goal is to bring you unique structures that will move with the body and enhance your personal style.

The Les Piscines line is full of a wide variety of clothing. From midi summer dresses to elegant wrap dresses, boxy short shirts and a midi dress that can also be used as a jacket, there is something for everyone in the collection.

The fabric used for making the dresses is sourced from eco-friendly fabric manufacturers and suppliers.

“You can look good without putting the planet at risk. Les Piscines aims to be an eco-responsible brand and we work strictly with suppliers and fabric manufacturers who respect the environment.

Les Piscines dresses are available in a wide range of sizes, from FR36 to FR42. However, the brand is ready to design custom dresses if the customer wants a different size than what is available in the specified size range.

“Les Piscines is synonymous with a comfortable fit, ultimate elegance and excellent versatility. Whether you’re looking for something for a cool summer date or something really gorgeous for a cocktail party or something casual and casual for a spring picnic or something smart for your next corporate gathering, we we have everything for you.

Contributors will be rewarded with special Kickstarter discounts on Les Piscines dresses.

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