Monalisa dares to live her life to the full!! Monalisa, the stunning actress from Bhojpuri, is style personified when it comes to showing off her best style of dress. She mostly opts for sensational stylish outfits where she looks hot and sultry. That said, she also looks stunning in ethnic outfits.

Well, today we are here to look at Monalisa style in shorter clothes like short dresses, tops and shorts, mini skirts etc.

So let’s look at them and admire the fashion quotient of Monalisa.

Check out this crop top and shorts style.

How about this floral mini dress that Monalisa wears as a beach outfit?

Awww!! This mini skirt style looks amazing on her.

She looks extremely sexy in these shorts.

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Surely, Monalisa is a sensational chest of drawers!!

Watch this space on for updates.

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