From short skirts to crop tops, fashion is going mini for maximum effect

Oversized cuts and maxi lengths can go back to the closet! Any superfluous piece of fabric will have no place in the female wardrobe this year.

Skirts, dresses, tops and even bags lose a few centimeters, while jeans and pants arrive with (very) low waists. And it is a trend that we owe once again to the enthusiasm of the younger generations for everything related to the year 2000.

Microwear is rising higher than ever, relegating maxi dresses and long summer skirts to the back burner this season. And this despite the resurgence of the Coachella festival in California, usually synonymous with bohemian-chic wardrobe.

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This year, it’s all about short cuts, low waists and navels visible from miles away…

Tiny styles will be everywhere, as many fashion icons, influencers and various other users on social media (already) prove. And, of course, designers are already riding the trend.

The miniskirt will be the star of the summer

A symbol of emancipation, the miniskirt – whether invented by Mary Quant or André Courrèges – promises to be one of the most coveted pieces in the women’s wardrobe.

Influencer marketing platform LTK has seen a 200% increase in searches for the miniskirt – in plaid patterns, please – showing some enthusiasm for this 2000s staple.

And, if we’re going all out on the year 2000, chances are the mini or micro skirt will be worn with a crop top, or even a bikini top, rather than a more oversized fit. .

It’s a trend that is slowly gaining popularity on TikTok, which has nearly 180 million views for the #miniskirt hashtag.

Not content with being a star model for sunny days, the miniskirt will also be in the spotlight next season.

During the Fall/Winter 2022 fashion shows, many designers cut the miniskirt to create an even shorter version (yes, really), such as Versace, Miu Miu or Coperni.

Diesel has gone one step further by offering wide waistbands that turn into micro-skirts in the blink of an eye, hinting at how little fabric will be used to conceal what might be called your “winter body”. “.

Mini cuts, maximum effect

But the skirt will not be the only wardrobe essential to lose several centimeters this season. Dresses, of course, will be on the rise, but so will tops.

Bra tops, visible bras, crop tops and more all look popular, again channeling some year 2000 nostalgia.

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The LTK platform reports a 200% increase in searches for the purple crop top this season, once again showing a strong interest in shorter pieces this season. And, to top it off, mini handbags – carried on the shoulder – are also a hit (+150%).

If we combine this trend with the infatuation of people (mainly women) for jeans, pants and skirts with low waist (even very low waist) in recent months, the ultra-short trend emerges as a major inspiration for summer style. .

It remains to be seen whether this new fad will materialize on the streets, or whether – as is often the case – it will struggle to make its way beyond social media. – AFP Relax news