Furious mum slams Poundland for making cropped tops for 9-month-old babies

A FUMING mum has blasted Poundland for selling crop tops for children as young as nine months.

The disgruntled customer sparked fierce debate earlier this week when she posted a picture of the girls’ pajamas on Facebook.


The pound blew up the pajamasCredit: Facebook
She called the set


She called the set ‘disgusting’Credit: Facebook

The pajama set includes a pink top with an illustration of a butterfly as well as floral bottoms.

Inviting other users to rip the design, the mum fumed: “By far not the worst case scenario to use as an example. Poundland sells a crop top for six to nine months.

“These are not pajamas for the comfort of your own home on a six to nine month old baby.

“Maybe a vest would cover the belly, but what about a two-year-old because it goes up to 24 months.

” It’s just me ? I find that really DISGUSTING.

However, other parents claimed the woman was wrong for “sexualizing” the pajamas.

One replied, “Adults shouldn’t sexualize children’s clothes. They’re children. The problem is with you.”

Another raged: “Clothes are just fabric, if you sexualize them, it doesn’t matter how old the person is, you’re no different than people who blame the victim’s outfits.”

Poundland sells a crop top for six to nine months. Is it just me? I find it really DISGUSTING.

“STOP sexualizing children and the clothes they wear,” wrote a third. “STOP shaming parents for choosing to put their kids in clothes like this.”

However, others sided with the mom and compared the crop top ensemble to putting a baby in a bikini.

A fourth wrote: “I feel like that’s how body problems in girls start. Although my daughter was nine years old before she cut tops like this.

“I personally wouldn’t do it for kids that young, but it attaches easily with a vest.”

Poundland said the top is sold with high waisted leggings


Poundland said the top is sold with high waisted leggings1 credit

Meanwhile, a fifth mused: ‘Why would you really want to put a nine-month-old baby in a crop top?’

Responding to the debate, a Poundland spokesperson told the Daily Mail: “We’re puzzled. It’s just a T-shirt and leggings set that’s been a summer best-seller.

“Plus, the leggings are high waisted, so when worn together, no belly is showing. That’s obviously why our customers love it.”

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