Gigi Hadid Embraces the Risky Cardigans and Black Jeans Trend Amid the Heatwave: It’s Literally Too Hot

Most people pull out their lightest fabrics and brightest, boldest colors for summer – but Gigi Hadid isn’t most people! The 27-year-old model broke dress rules on August 5, when she was photographed strolling in NoHo, New York, wearing an all-black ensemble that definitely stood her out among the crowd for * so many * reasons!

We bet the mum-of-one was the only person not to wear a centimeter of color on the streets of the Big Apple – but in true runway model fashion, she made it work! In fact, she absolutely killed, and she looked literally and figuratively sexy! How does she do?!

For her casual walk in New York, Gigi’s all-black ensemble consisted of straight-leg baggy jeans and a sheer black short-sleeved cardigan, which she wore open to show off her super sculpted abs. Well, it’s a way to get some wind and feel a little cooler in the hot temperatures!

The model accessorized her relaxed fit with Converse sneakers and round black sunglasses, and wore her hair in an effortless fluff; while for jewelry, she kept things minimal with a simple choker necklace.

And it wasn’t the first time Bella Hadid’s older sister wore unconventional seasonal pieces, as just days earlier (August 3 to be exact!) she was spotted in another weather-inappropriate ensemble. . Although she wore a brightly colored jumpsuit (so far so good), that’s where her summer fit ended, as her multi-colored cropped top was actually made of a knitted fabric. Yes really!

We have no idea how Gigi wore a knit top (even though it *was* cropped!) in the sweltering New York temperatures; and how she looked so cool (again, literally and figuratively) doing it! Gigi paired her multi-colored knit crop with Danielle Guizio oversized ripped jeans, a bucket hat and Converse sneakers, plus statement shades.