Gymshark’s new men’s crop tops are causing a stir


Gymshark has launched a new line of workout crop tops for men, and some people are having a hard time understanding the concept.

The athleisure company said it was inspired by fitness influencer Nathan McCallum, who posted images on Instagram showing off his homemade crop tops, leading the brand to launch its ‘first-ever crop top for men’ – a black box cut shirt with a psychedelic print. which reads ‘when the pre-workout hits’.

In a series of images featuring various Gymshark athletes showing off the new look, it’s immediately pretty clear that the tops provide the perfect opportunity for men to get some extra ventilation (and show off their abs) without being this guy who goes completely shirtless in the gym.

But sadly, exposed male bellies seem like a bridge too far for some people, with men immediately flooding Gymshark’s Instagram comments to express their distaste for the style.

Gymshark's new crop top (@gymshark/Instagram)@gymshark/Instagram
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“No I hope this is a joke,” one person wrote, with another commenting “you know this isn’t an april fool’s joke right?”

“What’s happening to the world of men,” another person replied.

In response to the predictable backlash, Gymshark pushed back against the negative comments, writing “we know this style isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay!” But please be respectful to those who feel comfortable and confident in this style, or want to try it.

“We will continue to build on our vision of inclusivity and we hope to see you supporting us alongside us!” the business continued.

Luckily, plenty of men and women loved the design, so prepare to see a whole bunch of other crop tops hitting a weight rack near you soon.