Hiii, Madewell has $50 Jeans Rn and huge discounts on a ton of other bestselling items

Photo credit: Unsplash

Not a drill: Madewell is having a huge sale right now. We’re talking $50 jeans (!!!) and amazing deals on t-shirts, sweaters, bags, accessories, and basically everything else you love from Madewell. But you gotta shop now ’cause the sale is ending July 21.

Okay, the star of the show is obviously the discount denim. You can pick up a ton of the brand’s best-selling jeans for $50, less than half the original price in some cases. You should definitely stock up now, because again, this sale is going to end quickly, and tbh, who wants to pay more for jeans?

You can also get the ~high bases~ that Madewell is known for at a steep discount during the sale. We’re talking 40%-60% off things like their super soft tees, breezy dresses, cute crop tops, and more. You can also get a head start on refreshing your fall wardrobe by stocking up on boots, sweaters and other cozy finds. Honestly, I’m probably going to buy some cute and comfy loungewear sets in the sale because I’m still in this WFH life and I need something that isn’t a ratty T-shirt, you know?

Many of the items Madewell brands are actually items that were already on sale, so it’s kind of like you’re getting a super sale price, isn’t it? BTW, you’ll want to enter the code CLASSIFIED during checkout to ensure you get the lowest price.

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