How to Style Boyfriend Jeans So They Always Look Pulled Together

Maybe you’ve steered clear of the mom jean trend, but frankly, it’s not going away. And, now, boyfriend jeans are also on the scene. Most ? If you boycotted mom jeans, giving in to boyfriend jeans isn’t the same thing. While mom jeans are generally more fitted and always high-waisted, boyfriend jeans have a looser feel and can be lower on the hips. Imagine what it would look like if you borrowed your male partner’s jeans and you get the idea.

The benefits of boyfriend jeans include ultimate comfort, but if you’ve been slow to ditch your skinny jeans, they can also feel huge at first. And, figuring out how to style boyfriend jeans can be a challenge. After all, you don’t want the baggy to look sloppy. Sometimes there can be a fine line between frumpy and trendy. So if you’ve been tempted to jump into the boyfriend jean trend but aren’t sure where to start, here are some of the best ways to wear those jeans that aren’t skinny or motherly.

Pair with a blazer

Blazers are another street style that pops up everywhere and pairs well with boyfriend jeans as they pull the look together for a polished look that can work just as well in the office as it does out for a nice dinner date. While boyfriend blazers are also trending right now, choosing a blazer that matches your figure can help contrast the oversized feel of boyfriend jeans. Or, if you’re feeling more bossy and eager to take up space, boyfriend jeans with a boyfriend blazer also make a statement statement.

Go skinny on top

Cropped tops are trending in 2022 and make the perfect complement to a pair of boyfriend jeans, adding more femininity to an otherwise masculine or neutral look. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a crop top without coverage, adding a blazer or cardigan is a great way to wear the trend a little more modestly.

Start with more form fitting

If you want to try the boyfriend jean trend without swimming in so much fabric, opt for a more form-fitting pair. Jeans that sit low on the hips and are a little – but not too – baggy will do. Capri boyfriend jeans are also a great way to experiment with the trend without diving into more fabric-heavy fashions.

Add a long coat

The right long coat can add great class to a pair of oversized jeans. Worn open, a long coat can also enhance the outfit underneath. In this case, a tucked-in black t-shirt and chunky flip-flops complete the look with a laid-back yet tight vibe.

Style with all white

It’s hard to look sloppy in a monochromatic outfit and pairing white pieces with boyfriend jeans creates a fresh feeling. Again, tucking in the base layer goes a long way in putting together this look and a pop of color draws attention to this outfit.

Pair with platform boots

Platform boots are another style staple of 2022 and go well with a pair of boyfriend jeans with the cuffs rolled down. Again, a tucked-in shirt and a monochrome theme really keep the boyfriend jeans polished and the look polished.

Dress up with the right bag and heeled boots

Accessories do a lot to keep boyfriend jeans from looking sloppy. The right bag and a nice pair of heeled boots do the trick, as well as a stylish jacket. It seems the secret to styling boyfriend jeans is to keep the rest of the look sharp and a little dressier.