How to turn old shirts into crop tops for a fun and cool DIY project

Upcycling is a creative way to turn whatever piece of clothing was sitting in the back of your closet into something new that you can’t wait to wear. A fun way to update your old t-shirts is to turn them into cute, summery crop tops. Before you pull out your scissors, though, it will be useful to know how to turn old shirts into crop tops to get exactly the filthiness you crave.

It can be a little intimidating when you’re holding your scissors and looking down at your tee. You don’t want to accidentally cut it too short or twisted, so watching one of these YouTube tutorials will ease your worries. Most of these methods don’t even require sewing. You can also make different styles of crop tops, like those with long sleeves and adorable bows.

Not only is it a sustainable way to be fashion-forward and eco-friendly, but it can also be a fun DIY project to do at home with your housemates. So plan a fun DIY day with homemade lemonade while you make your own crop tops. Remember to model your final products for each other as if you were in a movie montage. Document everything for the ‘Gram, because your friends are sure to want to see your fashionable masterpieces.


Try different hemlines for different tops

With some fabrics, you can leave your shirt as is and do nothing to the hem. However, if you want to switch things up, this tutorial shows several different ways to turn your t-shirt into a crop top with different hems.

Try the elastic method if you want your shirt rolled up at the bottom, or give it a clean hem for a super classic look. You don’t even need a sewing machine to make one of these hems. Instead, you can use fabric glue.


Try these methods to know exactly where to cut

The first cut can be daunting because you don’t want to mess it up right away. Fortunately, this tutorial will ease your worries by showing you two easy ways to get a clean cut on your shirt. (Pro tip: It helps to cut longer than you think because you can always cut more if needed.)


How to turn a shirt into a long sleeve crop top

Switch things up from your favorite cropped tee and try your hand at some of these unique cropped looks. Use your scissors to cut a square neckline, then use the extra fabric you have from the bottom of the shirt to make long sleeves. The end result will be like a totally new peak.


Turn your old comfy hoodies into crop tops

Do you have an old hoodie that you want to wear more often? Well, you can crop it into something super chic, thanks to this tutorial. Your new cropped hoodie will be perfect for fall hikes and bike rides, or just when you’re running errands. This tutorial will also come in handy if you want to turn your partner’s oversized hoodie into something that fits you a little better.


Try making a knotted crop top

If you’re trying to turn old tank tops into crop tops, you might want to try this knot crop method. With your extra fabric you can create a super cute bow in the front for a gorgeous summer look. Of course, you can also use your extra materials to make matching headbands or even scrunchies.


Try This Drawstring Method For Your Hem

Try something different like this drawstring method for your crop top. This hemline is not only a fun twist on your usual crop top, but it also creates a super sporty look to wear with leggings and sneakers. It uses the extra materials of your shirt so that you are thrifty.


Try These Ruched Crop Top Looks

Taking your crop tops to the next level includes adding fun details like a little shirring. This tutorial covers three different ways to incorporate gathers into your shirts using the additional materials. This will give your homemade shirts a high fashion look.