How to Wear Cargo Jeans for Fall 2022

Love them, hate them, or embrace them relatively neutrally, Swiss style cargo pants are back. Recognized by their puffy pockets and roomy silhouette, utility stockings have become an almost ubiquitous favorite among fashion people. And much to the chagrin of those in the anti-cargo camp, the practical, military-inspired pants are set to stay the course for the next few months. In fall 2022, you’ll continue to see pairs of parachutes and camp-ready denim cargo jeans – the latter promises more versatility than a traditional style, which, admittedly, can sometimes come off as the lower half of a pair. a Kim Possible costume.

Trend forecaster Kendall Becker offers an email insight into exactly what sparked the industry’s fascination with multi-pocket utility bottoms. “Trends go in cycles, of course, and we’re in a ‘pants cycle’ right now, which means most innovation happens in the bottoms rather than the tops,” she shares. with TZR. Namely, adds the fashion analyst, “the last few years have favored the gorpcore trend – when it was more centered around street style and made primarily for fun rather than practicality, thirst comfort has led to a real need for casual looks, and with a fashion twist from our favorite designers, cargo pants and jeans can be unmistakably chic too.

Beckers also says that “while we stick to easy knits on top, we’re looking for something new in the bottoms to bring a fresh perspective to our wardrobes” — and denim cargo jeans deliver that tenfold. Take, for example, Isabel Marant’s Fall ’22 runway, which featured several pairs of multi-pocket denim in medium indigo washes to dark grungy colorways. And during Milan Fashion Week, Trussardi showcased oversized cargo styles in heathered black denim, while Annakiki offered what purists may consider sacrosanct. faux pas but anti-authoritarians will love: skinny denim cargo pants.


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Finally, Becker adds that styles like cargo bottoms — especially denim ones — are a fun and refreshing deviation from tradition. “For years, minimalist styles (like skinny jeans) were our wardrobe heroes, so it’s exciting to see cargo denim, wide legs, and a range of colors come into the picture,” the analyst describes. of trends. Carry this theme of experimentation with you throughout the fall season, and if you’re so keen, try styling a pair of cargo jeans. Below are seven outfit ideas to get you started.

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Treat ’em like pants

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“There’s also a recent focus on dressing up again, which is why we’re seeing styles that tick both boxes like chic wide-leg cargo pants,” says Becker. “Pairs that mimic the fit of pants are sophisticated while utilitarian pockets bring an ethos of creativity – a win-win!” With your trouser cargos, try a cinched corset blouse, easy tennis sneakers and silver accessories that catch the light.

An ode to gorpcore

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Dial up the outdoor feel of the utility pant by opting for more pieces that exude a similar camping spirit. You’ll want to look for pieces that feature key gorpcore dress codes – like exaggerated pockets, weather-resistant textiles, and visible zippers. Add luxe accessories like the designer’s signature It Bag — Fendi’s ever-loved Baguette bag, for example — and leather loafers.

Cargoes ready for a cocktail

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Elena Bonvicini, founder of Insta-approved denim brand EB Denim, encourages you to play with subversion by styling a pair of roomy cargo jeans into a going out outfit. The denim designer’s go-to look consists of her indie label’s dark wash style, “a pair of heels, a cropped shirt or corset and my best winged eyeliner.” She adds that multi-pocket pants are ideal for a night out sipping cocktails because they “eliminate the need for a purse,” meaning you can party hands-free.

Color cargo pants

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Colored denim is an ongoing trend for 2022, and Becker says it extends to jeans of the cargo variety as well. “Colorful iterations, like cream, near-neutral pink and sage green, will be ones to watch,” she explains. The trend forecaster urges you to consider leaning into a Hot Aughts influence when styling a non-indigo design, as cargo pants were a notorious staple at the time. (Remember a No Doubt-helmed Gwen Stefani rocking a baggy olive-green pair, and let that vision be your guide.)

REVICE Denim founder Shai Sudry agrees, shouting the denim label’s parachute-inspired Amelia style, which “is meant to sit low on the hips and is inspired by the rise of the early 2000s. “. Sudry “considers the style associated with cropped tops”, and since the bottoms “were designed to be versatile in all seasons, as fall approaches, also wear the Amelia pants with a cropped faux fur jacket”. Or, for adventurous dressers, how about a fuzzy hat like that of celebrity-adored Emma Brewin?

Bring on the baggy silhouettes

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For those who stick to the “big pants, little top” formula, a roomy style like cargos would usually be paired with a tight top. But as more and more fashion rules are proving inconsequential, even archaic, in this current era of fashion that prioritizes individual expression and exploration, consider piling on loose silhouettes. Start by pairing a pair of cargo jeans with your favorite roomy white t-shirt (you know that one) and an oversized bomber jacket. Pointed heels and a textured clutch will complete the look.

Denim On — You Guessed It — Denim

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Like long denim shorts – or, as they are canonically called, jorts — Canadian tuxedos have a bad reputation for being anti-fashion. If you’re ready to champion the all-jeans look, try doing it with cargo jeans. Grab a graphic cardigan and wear it under a long denim jacket, as the layering will break up denim on denim to make the look more modest.

Simplistic with a streetwear edge

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EB Denim’s Bonvicini also wants to remind you of the magic that can be found in straightforward simplicity. “Cargo pants have so much detail that I like the pants to be the main part of the outfit. My perfect casual look with cargo jeans would be just a simple top and a pair of cool shades,” she describes, telling you remembering that more isn’t always better, especially when it comes to inherently eye-catching bottoms.To ensure your look remains visually intriguing, opt for an unexpected wash – like the 80s acid wash, which organizes his own comeback, by the way.

Cargos, Contrast

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Make 2022 the year you lean into the unexpected. In a fashion sense, it might look like pairing contrasting aesthetics — utilitarian meets polished and preppy, for example. Becker, for his part, cosigns an explosive look. “Juxtaposition is my favorite style,” she says. “I love cargo jeans worn over a nicely cut top or a chic knit, punctuated with a heel and pearl jewelry – it’s a formula for an easy yet interesting outfit!”