How to wear jeans like your favorite celebrities!

Jeans are always comfortable clothes that can be worn all year round and will never be considered out of style. Interestingly, jeans were invented as pants or overalls for physical labor, to ensure that they didn’t require a lot of washing, and also so that they wouldn’t wear out easily. The inventors of jeans could never believe that today the material is associated with fashion and that we have found so many ways to style it. Let’s narrow down your shopping choices to the one quintessential one you’ll wear more than once and wear in style from office to dinner.

1) Wide Leg Jeans:

Wide jeans always go with crop tops or simple t-shirts. Styling wide leg jeans is very easy as you can opt for a very simple top, preferably black, to go with your jeans. Add a unique pendant necklace and heels to complete the look!

2) Skinny jeans:

Skinny jeans go with any type of top and can be considered your favorite pair of jeans. It goes best with button-up shirts, especially plaid shirts, which can either be buttoned up or worn as an overcoat with a tank top inside. Pair them with comfy sneakers or flats for the ultimate look.

3) Denim Overalls:

Rashmika Mandanna shows that the denim look is the only chic we need: yes or no?  |  IWMBuzz

If you’re tired of pairing your jeans with tops and t-shirts, then overalls are your answer. You can either wear a plain white or black sports bra or a short-sleeved t-shirt, and wear your overalls over it. Just like Rashmika, you can even go for a fun casual look by buttoning just one side. Always wear white sneakers with overalls to complete the look.

4) Skinny cropped jeans:

Cropped skinny jeans are similar to skinny jeans, except they end at your shin. Generally, these go with lace tops, sweatshirts and are considered casual wear. These jeans are your typical airport clothes and go with backpacks or rucksacks. Sandals and flip flops are the perfect shoes to go with these jeans.

5) Boyfriend jeans:

Boyfriend jeans give you the vibe of a sunny day by the beach! With a nice pleat at the bottom, it sometimes also looks like jogging jeans for a last minute look. A tucked-in sleeveless top completes this type of jeans. Opt for athletic shoes for this look.

6) Ripped jeans:

Ripped jeans, ripped jeans or faded jeans are the piece of denim you need to own! You can literally pair these jeans with any type of top including tunics and kurtis. They go well with cut shoes or just sandals as they are an effortless fashion look!