I’m a grandma with five kids, I always wear crop tops and love going out all night.

A grandma who has five adult children explained that she’s not like most grandmas – she can lift more dirt than her younger friends and she loves to dance on Saturday nights.

Super fit granny Susie is sharing videos of her youthful lifestyle on Tiktok, and people can’t believe her age.


Susie is not like most grandmothersCredit: TikTok/@soozer007
Grandma loves to wear crop tops even though people are into it


Grandma loves wearing crop tops even though people are ‘triggered’ by themCredit: TikTok/@soozer007

In a recent video, Susie said she always had lots of younger friends, until they found out some facts about her.

She explained: “I have a lot of younger friends until they find out… I’m 56, have five grown children and am a grandmother, I eat very healthy, I can dance them every Saturday night and I can lift weights. more than them.

Susie also said she wears crop tops and it seems to “trigger” people because she’s a grandma.

Since her kids have grown up and moved out, Susie says she’s done “whatever she wants”.

Commentators adored Susie’s youthful attitude.

“Love I stumbled upon your page! Love your personality!” wrote one viewer

Many could not believe his age.

“Miss, let’s be honest here. 56? Yes indeed! More like 46,” one commenter said, while another agreed, “Wow! Don’t think you’re 56! But go ahead woman!!

“Are you sure you’re old enough to be on Tiktok?” another joked.

“You are a whole vibe, wanna be my older friend? I would love that!” wrote one impressed commenter.

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