I’m average height – I tried Khloe Kardashian’s Good American jeans on and was shocked at how they made my butt look

WHEN a pair of skinny jeans can hug your body while still being breathable, it’s like magic.

Mid-rise fashion influencer Shelby tested a pair of Good American jeans. According to her, the way they gave her the look of her buttocks was unparalleled.


Mid-rise fashion influencer Shelby tries on a pair of Good American jeans1 credit
A good American is expensive, but is it worth it?


A good American is expensive, but is it worth it?1 credit

From Walmart to American Eagle, Shelby has tried on too many pairs of jeans to count.

If you’re average height like her, she knows which options are better to save your money on and which ones are worth breaking the bank.

She is a size 12/14.

She posted a video trying on a specific pair of Good American jeans to see if they’re worth it.

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“These are supposed to be the best jeans for average-height girls. Everyone says you have to own Good American jeans,” says Shelby.

Since most Good American jeans cost $100 or more, Shelby needed to see if the price matched the quality of the pants.

Shelby tries on the $159 Good Waist Crop Chew Hem Pants.

According to the website, this is “the ultimate high waisted.”

The way they naturally hug Shelby’s body like an hourglass confirms their shaping effect.

“Okay, here’s my first impression, wowza. The instant hourglass this just gave me, feeling totally ripped in those jeans,” she said.

Shelby explains that the material is not stiff but stretchy.

She thinks they’re perfect for curvy women because of the way they “level out” her curves like no other jeans have before.

“If it’s in your budget, I’d spend the money on Good American jeans. Just look at what it does for my behind…the booty is an instant lift,” admits Shelby.

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“I LOVE mine. I now have 4 pairs. – the trick is to swipe on the sale page. Then the sale usually costs 40 more. MUCH cheaper,” one viewer suggested.

Another wrote, “I was nervous about the price but giiiiiirrrrlllll…I LOVE THEM! The pants are so hard on me.”

Shelby is in love with the way these skinny jeans hug her curves


Shelby is in love with the way these skinny jeans hug her curves1 credit
His back is trained and supported


His back is trained and supported1 credit