Instagram photos of Disha Patani wearing crop tops

Does Disha Patani wear anything other than crop tops and Calvin Klein? A quick glance at her Instagram profile and you’ll realize the 27-year-old has a formula when it comes to dressing. There are plenty of fitted tops, bodycon dresses and designer lingerie. Ultimately, if you’re as fit as Disha and workout as much as she does, we’d be proud to flaunt our fit bodies too! #No judgment

That’s what Disha brings to the table – unwavering confidence. Despite the trolls and haters, she’s here to flaunt her toned AF abs and let the world know she’s DGAF. Pretty much how we figured she was a sucker for the coveted crop top situation too — finding a new pair for every outfit spotted on her.

Take a look at the recent photo she posted from her filming days for malang. Again, the classic Disha style with a black crop top, denim shorts and a jacket around the waist. While we understand this was for a movie, this is just the beginning!

For another photo she posted, the Baghi 2 The actress wears a wide-sleeve white crop top with a drawstring bow in the front. It is worn with acid wash denim shorts and white canvas trainers.

Premiere of “Malang”
Also for the film’s premiere, Disha was seen in another variety of crop top. This time with a coordinated set with subtle sequins. However, as an overall formula, Disha is all about the crop top with the ‘X’ combination!

Television appearances
For her appearance in a dance performance on Dance Plus 5, she chose another white crop top with pink camo pants. I think her stylists are giving us a hint here!

Temple visits
Disha, even visited a few Buddhist temples wearing a yellow drawstring crop top and pink floral palaces. The look is quite touristy!

For more movie promotions
Wearing this matching ensemble, the 27-year-old kept the vibe quite athletic. However, the common element remains the crop top. It looks like Disha has figured out the successful style hack too!

In case you’re having trouble understanding the trend, here are a few more examples of Disha in crop tops to elucidate our point. So what is the reason for this obsession? Maybe it could be one of those “I’m the best at it, so I’ll wear it” type of situation. Bharat actress or it could be a stylist’s call every time. Anyway, it became his identifier but we can’t wait to see more!!

IMAGE COURTESY: Instagram (Disha Patani)