I’ve tried on size 8 and 12 jeans from the same store – my results settle the clothing sizing debate once and for all

There has been so much debate about clothing sizing in recent years – with some stores known for their more generous sizes, and others known for being stingy with theirs.

But one woman seems to have settled the debate once and for all with a video on her Instagram page.


Lauren took to Instagram to share a reel in which she proved “clothing sizes are BS”Credit: Instagram/@lauren.momentumfitness
The size 12 jeans were clearly uncomfortably tight


The size 12 jeans were clearly uncomfortably tightCredit: Instagram/@lauren.momentumfitness
While sizes 8, from the same store and in the same style, fit with room to spare


While sizes 8, from the same store and in the same style, fit with room to spareCredit: Instagram/@lauren.momentumfitness

Lauren took to her reels to share “proof that women’s clothing sizes are BS.”

In the clip, she was seen trying on a pair of faded size 12 jeans, which looked too tight around the waist.

She then swapped the jeans for another size 8 pair, which fit easily, with room to spare.

“I wish I had joked,” Lauren wrote under her reel.

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“Forget the number ladies…it doesn’t mean anything anyway!”

“By the way, these jeans are the same brand and style, just slightly different colors – LIKE RIDICULOUS.”

“(ps: in no universe am I a ‘size 8’),” she concluded.

Many people took to the comments section to weigh in on the video, but it was one remark that caused the biggest stir.

“After working in a clothing factory, I can officially say that size labels don’t mean d**k,” the person wrote.

“If we need 10,000 pairs of size 12 pants and are short on materials and/or time, but have a size 10 surplus, we will remove the tags until we have 10,000 size 12.”

“I bought two exactly identical tops from Zara, one large, and accidentally bought the other one small,” added another.

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“They both go the same!”

As someone else commented: “It would have been much better if they just put the measurements of the jeans instead of the made sizes which differ everywhere.”