Kate Middleton wears coat dresses

Dressing for cold weather can be a challenge. Practical concerns – insulating fabrics, minimal skin exposure – often outweigh fashionable concerns, leaving even the most chic to bundle their carefully curated outfits under bulky mattress toppers, and leaving the stylish with an impending sense of identity crisis. . However, sticking to a signature look even when the mercury drops is entirely possible, and, as is often the case, no one does it better than Kate Middleton.

Over the years, the Duchess of Cambridge’s sartorial savvy has become key to her always-stylish wardrobe. After all, unlike most of us, avoiding photos at outdoor events is hardly an option for her. But rather than suffer chills or give in to a lackluster winter look, Kate instead embraced a look she returns to time and time again: the coat dress.

Both a comfortable mattress topper and a unique outfit, the dress-coat combines the sharp cut that one would expect from a suit with a little softness and ruffles thanks to a swirling skirt. Unlike bulky coats, the coat dress is designed to show off the figure like a dress would – Kate usually chooses an A-line style that darts at the waist – but with a fabric thick enough to allow it to be worn outside , even without leggings , because Kate wears them often.

Kate Middleton wore a Catherine Walker coat dress for the Commonwealth Day service in 2020.

Max Mom/IndigoGetty Images

household division
Another Catherine Walker style, the Duchess has sported this coat dress many times over the years.

Max Mom/IndigoGetty Images

In particular, she seems to be a fan of iterations of Catherine Walker’s style, as well as her house of choice, Alexander McQueen, often selecting styles that marry solid, bold colors with distinctive coat closures like double-breasted buttons. . The all-in-one style gives the Duchess an effortless put-together look; all it takes is a pair of matching shoes and possibly a matching hat, and she’s ready to take on even formal royal events. (She’s worn them for everything from singing services at Westminster Abbey to military parades.)

Best of all, though, her affinity for coat dresses made the look identifiable as “Kate.” Like the queen’s monochromatic coat and hat duos, the style became her own, instantly and intrinsically tied to her particular and coveted fashion sense. So the next time you’re struggling to bring your own look to the bundled up season, grab a page from Kate’s book – or should we say a coat from her closet – and set your sights on a coat dress.

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