Kaz Kamwi reveals a clever ‘laces’ hack that makes baggy jeans sculpt her curves

Love Island 2021 may have taken the drama by storm last summer, but it was also one of, if not the hottest, hit reality series.

One lady who was constantly raising the style stakes is Kaz Kamwi, who inspired thousands of viewers to take on her look right after wearing them on the show.

From must-have bikinis to perfect evening looks, there was nothing the 27-year-old couldn’t pull off. Now, six months after leaving the villa, OKAY! sat down with the star to chat all things style, what she’s been up to lately and her fashion genius…

Kaz was one of the show’s viewers’ favorite style icons

Did you realize how much of a style influencer you’ve become on Love Island?

Not while I was there. Before I went in, I thought I’d only be there for two weeks but I was like, ‘Look if I’m going to be there for two weeks, I want to have enough outfits [so] if i have a day where i’m trying to prepare and i think “i don’t like it”, then i need to have 10 options just in case. Every day I would try something and say ‘Am I in the mood for you or not?’ that’s why I packed so much.

I was influencing before the show and my wardrobe is quite large, so I thought I had so many clothes to take with me, so I took it all. But I didn’t really give it too much thought so when I walked out and saw I was like ‘Yay!’ because I love fashion.

Do you have a favorite outfit from the series?

I loved my entry bikini because it was only a three piece. It was day one and I remember thinking “I love this outfit” and feeling great.

I wore a Farai London dress which I loved because it fitted, and I love the backless styles. Mainly, I also think whenever I wore red, because I think it’s very sassy.

This Farai London dress was one of her favorite looks from the show
This Farai London dress was one of her favorite looks from the show

Did you feel the pressure to look good while you were in the villa?

“I think there was pressure because we were in bikinis all day and mine was very cheeky and revealing, but that’s my style of bikini. So you always have to be aware of making sure everything is back home and nothing is going anywhere.

It was very similar when it came to evening wear because to be honest I didn’t have tape with me so kudos to Faye [Winter] for saving me. I was very aware of having potential pinches and things not fitting as they should. When I’m comfortable, I’m fine, so if I was wearing things I wasn’t necessarily comfortable in, I had to change.”

What’s your fashion hack?

My waist is smaller than my hips and thighs, so sometimes I take my pair of jeans one size up. This means they will go over my thighs, but hang down to the waist with a huge gap, so I use the lace up method.

So you dig a little hole inside your jeans in the seam and feel a lace through it and tie it together underneath so it’s hidden and cinches your waist. No one will know and I do this for so many of my jeans it’s a lifesaver.

Who do you still talk to about the series?

Liberty Lot, Faye, Sharon, Abbie, Aaron, Brett. We try our best to meet, but sometimes we make a plan and half of us think, “We can’t do this day anymore.”

But we keep control of our relationship with communication. And I think the key is to take time and set aside time to have a quick phone conversation without distractions.

Kaz is still in contact with many Love Island contestants
Kaz is still in contact with many Love Island contestants

How toten do you receive messages from brands for collaborations?

I get quite a few DMs on social media but for me it’s all about who I want to work with and if something comes up that I’m really interested in I’ll send it to my team and we’ll send something place thing. I just like to make sure I choose what’s right for me.

Is there a brand you would really like to work with?

There are so many. I now work with all the brands of my dreams and I love them and I think in the future I would like to tap into high fashion because it could be a great experience. Right now I am living my dream.

I have so many things on my wish list and I think now is the time to go ahead and do it. I’m a self-proclaimed leisure woman, so when it comes to high-end designers, I wonder why not? Dior is my dream high end brand to work with.

Kaz says she has two different styles
Kaz says she has two different styles in her wardrobe

How would you describe your style?

It is very soft but there are rough edges. I have two styles, I don’t think many people know this, but in the summer I like to play with colors with color blocking and experiment with pastels. Whereas in winter I tend to be more neutral and very dark – I like to wear a lot of black in winter.

I’m a denim girl and I think a lot of people see me in dresses most of the time, but on a daily basis I’m literally in jeans, heels, a crop top or a bodysuit. So I think it’s very experimental and depends on my mood.

How do you find the preparation process for red carpet events?

Kaz explained how his hairstyle at ITV Palooza gave him a boost of confidence
Kaz explained how his hairstyle at ITV Palooza gave him a boost of confidence

I learned that it takes a village and I’m so particular [but] I can’t do everything myself. I’m such a control freak, so this made me realize that if I’m asking for help, I’m asking a little too late. I’m so lucky to work with an amazing stylist and it all fell into place from there.

I like to have themes for each different rug, with Pride of Britain I really wanted to be very sexy yet sophisticated. Where like at ITV Palooza I wanted to be more fun but different and had my hair in bangs that I’ve never had in my entire life. I absolutely loved having it and felt like I wasn’t Kaz anymore, I was Kazalicious or someone else – I felt so good that night.

I realized that I love thigh-high slits and every dress I’ve worn has one. So maybe next time I’ll try something different. For someone who didn’t love her legs, I love them now. My whole team always comes together and understands what I want and the mission.

Kaz reveals his must-have fashion hack
Kaz reveals his must-have awesome fashion hack

What style advice would you give to someone?

Comfort first. When I’ve worn outfits that force me to move, I don’t enjoy my evening. I went to the store in oversized sweatpants that I have to keep riding or I didn’t wear heels so my feet burned all night. Not every outfit is easy to make, but there are ways and tricks.

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