know your jeans

The following article is a World Denim Day replug.

Skinny jeans rose to popularity in the 2000s and have been an essential part of our wardrobe ever since. They are still relevant when it comes to bottom wear.

However, even though skinny jeans are easy and stylish, we still needed a break to let our legs breathe, right? This is where the return of bootcut and flared jeans comes in. They arrived when people needed them and they won’t be dropping off the fashion charts anytime soon. Loose jeans are super comfy – just what women want

Denim bottoms are timeless! In these times when people prefer fashion over comfort, loose fit jeans are here to stay.

We’ve curated a dictionary of baggy jeans and how you can style them to make shopping hassle-free:

Tailored cropped denim

Photo credit: Forever21

This denim can be paired with neon colored crop tops and high heels. These jeans look much better in light shades of blue. Wearing a light colored jacket with them is a good option to take your style to the next level. Funky on funky guys!

bell bottom

Photo credit: Shein

The bells have our heart. Is not it? You can make leg stockings more graceful by pairing them with a white top or shirt. They look great with heels and also shoes with funky soles, anything that gives them more room at the bottom.

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Denim pedal pushers

Credits: Pinterest

Denim push ups go well with tops in bright colors like yellow, pink, green and blue. Add a tote bag to this look and you’re good to go. Remember, these jeans are already sporty, so don’t over accessorize them.

Boyfriend fit jeans

Photo credit: Pinterest

They got their name because of their oversized fit and they are versatile when it comes to style. You can wear a long top, long shirt or kurta with them with a tote bag or your cropped top with a baseball cap. Funky sneakers look cool and effortless.

Balloon cut denim

Photo credit: Denimology

Photos of Deepika Padukone wearing baggy jeans in her street style and airport looks have always grabbed the headlines. She’s the one who wore these jeans and made us fall for this style. Beware, these are high waisted jeans and therefore tend to focus more on your waist rather than your hips and you should style them accordingly.

Ripped bootcut jeans

Photo credit: Madish

To all you ripped jeans lovers out there, here is another pair of jeans to add to your wardrobe. Since these are ripped jeans, a tank top will go best with them. It can turn out to be an overall chic look. You get the best of both worlds with these jeans.

So what are you waiting for? Open your closet, see if any of these jeans are missing, and if so, go get them!