Madewell Perfect Vintage Wide Leg Jeans are perfect

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I came of age around the same time low-rise skinny jeans became popular (damn, at first), and it stuck with me for life. I have vivid memories of crying in fitting rooms trying to find a pair that fit me (which I now know was a pretty common experience among my millennial peers, because who the F looks good in low rise skinny jeans), and for this reason always assumed that jeans were made to be endured instead of enjoyed. Whenever someone told me they “liked” wearing jeans, I was deeply confused and honestly thought they were lying to look cool. In my experience, jeans weren’t comfortable, cute, or something I wanted to have anything to do with.

Fortunately, in the years that followed, low-rise styles fell into disuse and Gen Z declared the death of the skinny jean, paving the way for styles that didn’t completely suck to become popular, including the Madewell Perfect Vintage Jeans, which are so popular that a pair of them sell out every minute.

The original Perfect Vintage Jean features a high waist and a tapered leg. These are the quintessential mom jeans and they fit like a glove. Given the success of the original style, in recent years Madewell have expanded the Perfect Vintage range to include a number of different cuts, colors and heights, and now they’ve added the latest love of my life: a legged version. wide.

The Wide Leg Perfect Vintage Jeans ($128-$138), which launched last month, is the exact opposite low-rise skinny jeans I tortured myself in in high school. They have a high waist that falls just below my navel, a wide leg that’s easy to move in, and a soft yet structured fabric that makes them look loose without being schlubby. You know how jeans get more comfortable the more you wear and wash them? Well these babies feel like this the first time you close them like they’re broken for your body.

They come in four washes (Elmont, a faded blue; Edmunds, a light gray blue; Tile White, a crisp white; and Montclare, a vintage blue from the brand’s recycled TENCEL denim), two lengths (short and loose) , and range in size from 26 to 32 (although the Edmunds wash is also available in petite, plus, and tall styles).

I got a pair of cropped Edmunds in size 26 last month, and have been wearing them every day since – seriously, that’s not an exaggeration. They are more than comfortable so I love wearing them for lounging around the house, but they also look really cool with a jacket and flats for work or heels and a crop top for going out. Plus they make my creepy butt look amazing:

Now I finally understand what people mean when they say they “love” their jeans, because I never want to take those babies off.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.