Men wear corsets, crop tops and dresses on Spring 2019 runways

It’s a drag queen’s world right now, as shown Laid and RuPaul’s Drag Race catapulted the culture of men dressing as women into the zeitgeist. In 2018, drag has gone mainstream, and what a fantastic, joyful, and enlightening thing is happening to us as a society, especially in light of all the hate we’re bombarded with, much of it coming straight from the Oval Office. After taking over our TV screens and Instagram feeds, drag also seems to be having an impact on menswear. The Spring 2019 runways were filled with guys wearing what’s usually discussed by those in the industry, and lots of people actually buying the clothes, like women-centric trends: waist cinchers, revealing crop tops, camisoles minimal and midi skirts. . A few members of the male street style herds in London and Milan also experimented with sparkly dresses and skirts.

A lot of the hype has built around genderless fashion a la Alessandro Michele and his gang of misfit Gucci boys and girls, but this is something different. Daniel W. Fletcher took a classic striped fabric and gave his guys a corset that laces up the side instead of a jacket. Astrid Andersen’s bandeau top and tracksuit look has been worn by a man on the catwalk as well as Kylie Jenner, maybe better. Charles Jeffrey went so far as to dress the men in cage-like armor over diaphanous robes, their faces painted like statues.