Nora Fatehi colorblocks her way in a white t-shirt, blue jeans and a bright orange handbag Rs 8 Lakh Hermes Birkin

Few have the skills to make even the most basic clothes in your wardrobe look so high. But then again, not everyone is Nora Fatehi who could give a sheet a couture look. On days when Nora Fatehi isn’t looking for her usual sparkly self, she keeps her look super casual. Laidback however in the context of Nora Fatehi is quite subjective. Her idea of ​​a casual look is simply completed with a pair of blue jeans and a white t-shirt. It sounds simple, but she loves it and who doesn’t? Only her version features a pair of light wash blue skinny jeans paired with a flattering white crop top and a pair of heels. Now add a little more Nora touch to her casual chic outfit. You guessed it right, with a designer handbag – a small size bright orange Hermes Birkin handbag priced at around Rs 8 Lakh that finds its way throughout the day. It’s a simple pairing, but one you can always find a winning deal with. That’s how Nora Fatehi rolls!

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Nora Fatehi in the city

Nora Fatehi likes to give her classic outfits her touch of luxury. Well, when you have one of the most envious closets of lavish products, it’s hard not to go that route. Her trip to Dubai saw many interesting fashion days and one with a white corset t-shirt, dark ripped jeans and a Dolce and Gabbana handbag had to be one of our favorite fashion lessons.

It’s hard to see Nora Fatehi away from her sparkly dresses, but if you can, she still has that Nora touch!