Old Navy I High-Waisted Side-Slit Flare Jeans Editor’s Review

Like matching sets, split hem jeans have been taking up a pretty big chunk of my brain lately — they’re so chic. However, finding an affordable pair is not easy. Until a few weeks ago, almost every style I came across cost well over $100, and I couldn’t justify such a high price tag right now, especially when some of my favorite jeans were running me around $50 at Old Navy.

This brings me to my latest purchase from the retailer, which I’m so obsessed with I want to shout it from the rooftops. Enter the Higher High-Waisted Side-Slit Flare Jeans ($45), which had me gasping audibly when I first scrolled through them. Admittedly, I’ve never bought a pair of jeans – or anything, for that matter – as quickly as I bought this pair of jeans.

Right from the start, I loved everything about them, from the side slit to the flared style to the light wash. They looked nearly identical to a pair I was looking at at a high end retailer and at a fraction of the price. I ordered them in size 6 and – not to be too dramatic – I legitimately counted the days until they arrived at my doorstep.

I’m thrilled to report that I love these jeans both IRL and online. Not only do they watch good, thanks to their curve-hugging design, but they also fit perfectly and are really comfortable, thanks to their slight stretch. If you love a flared style and a split hem style as much as I do, trust me when I say you need this in your wardrobe.

Today I pair them with a crop top and a pair of heels because I have a special event on the calendar, but I’m also happy to pair them with a casual top and slides for a more understated look. What’s most exciting of all is that I just know people are going to ask me where I found them, and I’m so excited to say I found this hidden gem on Old’s website. Navy.

Image source: POPSUGAR Photography / Marisa Petrarca

Higher side-slit high-rise flared jeans

Higher side-slit high-rise flared jeans

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